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Tobybear releases MiniHost v1.5


Tobybear has released MiniHost v1.5.


  • Important improvement/fix in host <> plugin communication added. This fix finally makes plugins like Groove Agent, Virtual Guitarist, Broomstick Bass, DFH and several others work correctly in MiniHost!
  • Improved plugin GUI resizing, fixing some issues with dynamic window sizes like in WusikStation.
  • Completely rewritten MIDI engine - much better MIDI timing now.
  • Resource leak when closing program fixed.
  • Keyboard and mouse input should no longer produce MIDI note hangs.
  • MIDI playback improved.
  • "MIDI channel 1 only" works correctly now.
  • Serious bug in bank maker fixed, should now save banks correctly.
  • New panel with virtual pitch bend and modulation wheels added.
  • New MIDI "hold" mode: key is held down until next "note on" for this key is received.
  • When saving bank or presets and the file already exists, a warning message is now displayed.
  • Under certain conditions, the nag screen would be displayed several times per day - fixed now.
  • MiniHost now supports sending key commands to the plugins, so you can for example change oscillators in Wusikstation with the number keys - Alt-F4 to quit program now works.

Toby also updated his Delphi VST-Host component.



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