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Tobybear updates


Tobybear has recently updated a few of his plugins, and released a few new ones, naturally. Details below.

Helios v2.3

  • Some more bugfixes.
  • Small graphic issues fixed.
  • New button/menu for setting loop mode, with 4 available options:
    • no loop: just plays the selected part of the sample one time.
    • loop only: plays an infinite loop (until note is released) of selected part - playback will start directly at the loop start point.
    • start+loop: playback starts at the beginning of the sample until loop end point is reached, then jumps to loop start and repeats.
    • ping pong: playback starts at loop start (forward) - as loop end is reached, the segment is playback backwards, then forward again and so on.
  • Parameter names are now accessible via the standard VST parameter/automation interface.
  • Re-location of WAV files improved when they are not found, also the open dialog now shows what WAV it was searching for.
  • Pre-listen now only activates on WAV files, so no more error messages on folder change.

CC-Control v1.1

  • Can now be used as either VST FX or instrument.
  • Each axis has definable min and max range for the CC.
  • "lag" feature, causing the dot to move to the destination at a certain speed.
  • Parameters are now named in a better way and are also accessible via the VST parameter automation interface.
  • Many bugs fixed.

BrushBox v1.0

BrushBox is a new, free, effect plugin, small and not complex. It uses an algorithm that sounds like a strange mixture between a ring modulator and a pitch shifter, although the source code contains neither of them...

MixBox v1.0

MixBox is a useful VST plugin that allows you to share and mix audio streams between different plugin instances or even applications.

With 4 internal busses that are shared across each instance of the plugin, you can easily realize a submixer (with up to 5-channels) or stream the audio from one application/VST host to another.

WARNING: This plugin is still in beta stage, and due to its experimental nature, it might not work on every system/configuration.

RevDelay v1.0

RevDelay is a simple delay with feedback, but you can optionally choose to reverse the buffer before and/or after the delay processing, resulting in some strange effects.

Kondor v1.5

Tobybear also recently updated his Kondor VST Plugin / host testing utility to v1.5.


  • Compiled with latest VST 2.3 headers.
  • Supports all extensions from 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.
  • Improved screen layout and display.
  • VSTTimeInfo flags property does now also display  the single bits as separate values.


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