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Toontrack announces EZmix 3, limited-time upgrade pre-order offer and more

Toontrack Music

Toontrack has announced August 20, 2024, as the release date of EZmix 3, an all-new and revamped third generation of the company's popular software. Whether you're already an EZmix user or completely new to the program, Toontrack says it has great offers lined up starting now.

Want to spend less time tweaking and more time on writing and creating? Then, EZmix 3 is for you. With an extensive set of new and improved features, the revamped generation of the program continues to build on and further enhance this core value.

Revamped from the ground up, the EZmix 3 user interface offers an all-new and streamlined experience:

  • Scalable, resizable and responsive.
  • Dynamic workflow.
  • Improved workflow for maximum efficiency.

Find Your Sound
Browsing for and finding presets that match your criteria has never been more intuitive or easy than now:

  • Browse presets based on similarity and sonic characteristics.
  • Start from a preset template to narrow down your search.
  • Filter based on genre, effect, instrument and more.

New Presets
EZmix 3 includes new signal chain presets for a wealth of instruments and common mix issues. New user? The full core content from EZmix and EZmix 2 is included with EZmix 3, meaning you'll have a massive vault of preset content at your fingertips:

  • New EZmix 3 core content.
  • Signal chains for all common instruments.
  • Full core content from EZmix and EZmix 2 included.

You're In Control
You asked for more control, we heard you:

  • New EZmix 3 presets feature up to ten (10) user-adjustable macros.
  • Get granular control of the key parameters of your sound.
  • Additional controls and meters, like dry/wet, gain, gain reduction and LUFS.

It's Automatic
EZmix 3 utilizes AI technology to offer several options of automated processing tailored after your own source audio:

  • AI-assisted mastering: Get great masters based on your own source audio.
  • Auto-EQ: Automatically cleans up your guitar signal before feeding it through the preset.
  • AI-assisted presets will auto-adjust depending on your own source audio.

AI Amp Captures
Based on AI models of the producer's or artist's actual guitar or bass signal chain. Unprecedented tone, dynamics and playability compared to IRs:

  • New core content presets based on real amps and stomp boxes.
  • Classic guitar and bass amps.
  • Tones for leads, rhythms, rock, metal and more.

A One-Stop Shop
No more using multiple instances of the program to create preset chains:

  • Stack presets in your own order.
  • Save your own user template preset chains.
  • Seamlessly A/B test mixes within one instance of the program.


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