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Toontrack updates EZkeys to v2.0.5 and releases two new EKX expansions

Toontrack Music

Toontrack has updated EZkeys to v2.0.5 and released two new expansions for EZkeys, Melodic Percussion – Wood EKX and Melodic Percussion – Metal EKX, priced at €89 each. Included in each EKX are two instruments. The Wood expansion features a marimba and a xylophone while the Metal expansion includes a vibraphone and a glockenspiel.

Here's what they say:

Melodic Percussion – Wood EKX

As obvious in soundtracks and classical arrangements as in anything from pop and rock to hip-hip and all thinkable offshoots of electronic dance music, the marimba and the xylophone are the uncontested big two in the family of wooden melodic percussive instruments. The dark, rich, full, earthy and plucky sound of the marimba is as ideal for arpeggios and leads in an EDM track as it is for a dramatic segue in a film. Equally, the more accentuated, bright and dry tone of the xylophone is an effective melodic voice in any context it's used.

Recorded to cater to anything from full-scale classical compositions to any general songwriting needs, both instruments were captured at the famed 330 square meter main hall at Galaxy Studios using an array of different microphones. In addition to a generous selection of close mics positioned to pick up the immediate attack and body of each instrument, several mics were positioned around them for complete surround sound compatibility in up to 5.0 systems. In addition, the marimba was also recorded in the smaller Studio 1 room to offer an even more intimate take on the same instrument.

Aside from the instruments, this EKX also includes a basic library of MIDI unique to the product as well as a broad collection of presets showcasing the sounds and microphone options in anything from the scaled-down to the monumentally big.

Feature Spotlight:

  • Features a marimba and a xylophone.
  • Captured at the Galaxy Studios in Belgium.
  • Marimba recorded in two different room ambiences (hall and studio).
  • Ready for mixes in stereo up to 5.0 surround.
  • Comes with mix-ready presets for different configurations, microphone setups and sounds.
  • Includes a MIDI library unique to the product.

Melodic Percussion – Metal EKX

This EKX for EZkeys 2 includes two absolute staples when it comes to melodic percussion: a vibraphone and a glockenspiel. Heard in not only countless classical arrangements but also across all genres of popular music, these staples from the metallophone family of instruments have become two of the definite go-tos for audio creatives across the board. The vibraphone, with its vivid tremolo and sustained colorful, metallic timbre, boasts a strikingly distinct character. Likewise, the glockenspiel, with its curious tinkle and bright, bell-like tone, simply has an inimitable harmonic voice able to cut through in any musical context.

To capture the instruments, the Toontrack sound design team returned to the same complex that the Superior Drummer 3 core library and Orchestral Percussion SDX were recorded in: Galaxy Studios. Built with attention to detail and designed to withstand virtually any noise interference from the outside world, this is the epitome of a studio for sampling delicate instruments of this kind.

To offer flexible use in anything from the full-scale and orchestral down to the intimate and natural, the setup used to capture the two instruments boasts an array of different microphones. In the final product, these mics are used to give you mix-ready presets showcasing the instruments in all imaginable mixes, tonalities and colors. In addition, the vibraphone was recorded in both the main hall and the smaller Studio 1 room as well as sampled with mallets and a violin bow, offering you three completely opposing tonal takes. Aside from the instruments themselves, this EKX also includes a basic library of MIDI enabling you to start creating from the get-go.

Feature Spotlight:

  • Features a vibraphone and a glockenspiel.
  • Captured at the Galaxy Studios in Belgium.
  • Vibraphone recorded in two different rooms and with both mallets and a violin bow.
  • Ready for mixes in stereo up to 5.0 surround.
  • Comes with mix-ready presets for different configurations, microphone setups and tonal flavors.
  • Includes a MIDI library unique to the product.

Changes in EZkeys v2.0.5

Session Organ EKX:

  • Bandmate and the Grooves tab now have an "Adjust for Organ" button/function, which can make non-organ MIDI sound better with the organ.
  • The Velocity controls in Edit Play Style, Bandmate and the Grooves tab are replaced by Expression controls when Session Organ is loaded.
  • In Session Organ, starting Song Track playback in the middle of long notes will start playing those notes.
  • Pedals Drawbar 2 (Fundamental) has changed CC mapping from CC34 to CC35.
  • Tooltips for drawbar preset keys in the Grid Editor now say the preset name.

Song Track:

  • The Import MIDI dialog now has an option to apply current MIDI Input settings.
  • Visual feedback is shown on MIDI blocks when CC is recorded.

Grooves Tab:

  • Some rearrangement at the top of the Grooves tab: "Song Key" was moved next to "Tempo" and "Show Web Shop MIDI" was moved to the right.

Grid Editor:

  • In the context menu, "Select All Notes" was renamed to "Select All" and got an icon.
  • "Merge" has been added to the context menu.
  • Merge can now be used when notes on different rows are selected, to merge notes that are on the same rows.

CC Editor:

  • For MIDI blocks with no active CC nodes, the latent CC value is now shown with a horizontal line in the CC editor.
  • When CC curves are edited, EZkeys now avoids merging blocks, if possible, so that no ramp is created between the last node of the a block and the first node of the following block.
  • Double-clicking with the Pencil Tool no longer inserts two nodes, and a click on an existing node now removes it.


  • Grooves in the Riffs folders in the Session Organ MIDI will always pass through the tempo filter.

For a full list of bug fixes please see the release notes.



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