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Vienna Symphonic Library announces Holiday Offers and New Releases

Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)

The Vienna Symphonic Library team is "inviting" existing and future customers to celebrate the season with many special offers and new products. All US-$ prices of Vienna Instruments DVD Collections have been lowered by 20% through January 15, 2009. After this date, prices in North America will increase, adjusted based on prevailing currency exchange rates.

Special Offers for Existing and Future Vienna Special Edition Customers
In addition to the 20% off sale, this season presents another good buying opportunity for customers sitting on the fence about getting Vienna's all-in-one orchestral collections Vienna Special Edition and Special Edition PLUS. Users who end up having registered both collections (with their Standard and Extended Libraries) by January 15, 2009, will receive the Vienna Instruments Download Product Fanfare Trumpets for free. This offer is also a cordial give-away for long-time customers since everybody who has previously registered all Special Editions Libraries in their DVD or download form is of course also eligible to download the free Fanfare Trumpets. In addition, all Extended Libraries of the Vienna Special Edition DVD and Download Collections are offered at 15% off through January 15, 2009.

New Download Instruments and Special Offer: Bassoon 2 and Trumpet in Bb
The all-new Bassoon 2 is played by renowned musician Stepan Turnovsky, a frequent first bassoonist with the Vienna Philharmonic. This single instrument download product will soon be available, and it comes with a special offer. Customers who will have registered the Vienna Instruments DVD collections Woodwinds I Standard Library, Woodwinds II Standard Library, and Special Woodwinds Standard Library, by January 15, 2009, will receive Vienna's second bassoon for free.

A similar treat is offered to customers who will have registered the Vienna Instruments DVD collections Brass I Standard Library, Brass II Standard Library, and Special Brass Standard Library, by January 15, 2009. They are eligible to receive Vienna's all-new download instrument Trumpet in Bb, an effective crossover instrument that delivers a classic European style, enhanced and expanded with more intense vibrato and brasher tones.

Both new download products contain full-fledged versions of the instruments, offering the complete set of articulations on par with the big Vienna Instruments DVD collections. They can be considered full-featured add-ons to the big wind collections.

Lower Prices for Keyboard Vienna Instruments
The prices of the Keyboards Package and its individual Vienna Instruments DVD collections have been lowered by almost 30%. Combined with the 20% off sale in North America this makes for a 43% cumulative discount on the collections Vienna Konzerthaus Organ, Bösendorfer Imperial, and Special Keyboards.

Free Registers of the Vienna Konzerthaus Organ
More than 40 all-new organ registers such as Flauto Traverso, Tuba Mirabilis, and Harmonia Aetherea, are now available as a 3 GB download for users who have previously registered, or will register, the Vienna Konzerthaus Organ DVD Collection by January 15, 2009.

Free Jazz Drums for Vienna Suite Customers
Another promotion has previously been announced, but is also part of Vienna Symphonic Library's Holiday Offers. Customers who purchase the audio plug-in bundle Vienna Suite through January 15, 2009, are eligible to download the exclusive Vienna Instruments Collection Jazz Drums for free.



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