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Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)

Vienna Symphonic Library has released Synchron Strings I, a 46-piece string orchestra library that was recorded with the signature ambience of the company's own scoring stage, Synchron Stage Vienna. The all-new library was configured for Vienna's established software players Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro.

Synchron Strings I is the company's first string library recorded with the signature ambience of "Stage A", the main hall of Synchron Stage Vienna. Since its renovation and reopening in 2016, this historic recording facility has already hosted a wealth of music recordings for international film and TV productions (such as Inferno, The Crown, Lego Batman, Ghost in the Shell, The Meg, Blue Planet II, Pacific Rim: Uprising), in addition to video games, commercials, and classical recordings. The acoustics of the 540 m² (5,813 sq.ft.) main hall are characterized by a lush and warm sound with an average reverb time of 1.8 seconds, while still providing excellent localization of all sound sources, both in depth and in the stereo or surround environment.

Variety of Articulations and Microphone Positions

The five string sections of Synchron Strings I – 1st violins (14), 2nd violins (10), violas (8), cellos (8), and double basses (6) – were recorded separately at their designated positions on stage, with eight phase-coherent microphone configurations. Due to the comprehensive selection of discrete audio channels users can shape their string sound individually, from close and focused, to broad and epic, mixing the signals in stereo, 5.1 surround or even 9.1 Auro 3D (or any other immersive audio format, such as Dolby Atmos). Synchron Strings I owes its superior realism to a large number of velocity layers and note variations. Most notes are available with 80 variations per key, offering eight dynamic layers that let users blend smoothly from pianissimo to fortissimo and everything in between. At the time of its release, the complete set of articulations is available for the 1st violins and cellos. The 2nd violins, violas and double basses come with basic articulations. The corresponding performance articulations for these sections will be added in early 2018.

Synchron Strings I have been optimized for the company's Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players, offering ready-to-use stereo presets (downmixes) that lower the CPU load by reducing the number of audio signals per instance. What's more, pre-configured templates for the proprietary mixing hosts Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Ensemble Pro offer access to each individual microphone position.


  • $595 for the Standard Library.
  • $1,090 for the Full Library.

Customers may purchase Synchron Strings I before December 30 at a special Early Bird price of $446 for the Standard Library and $817 for the full library a 30% savings compared to its list price. An Introductory Offer with a 25% discount on the regular list prices starts on December 30, 2017.



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