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Waves releases four new Gemstones


Waves has released four new products as part of their Gemstones Series. Here's what they say:

Gemstones are a growing collection of creative effects that help you add inspiring textures to your tracks. Each Gemstone has just a few controls that let you quickly shape your vocals and instruments with instant gratification.

All individual Gemstone effects load from the single Gemstones plugin, for a fast and convenient workflow. Simply insert the "Waves Gemstones" plugin on your track, then choose the specific effect you want. The plugin is cloud-based.

Gemstones are available in Waves Creative Access subscriptions. All Gemstones are included in the full Waves Ultimate subscription, while multiple Gemstones are included in Waves Essential.

Deep Plate

Bring your tracks to life with deep, lush reverb. This plate-based 'verb with a touch of modulation will add spacey character and rich dimension to your sound. Available in both Waves Ultimate and Waves Essential subscriptions.

Sugar Cube

Sweeten your tracks with this inspiring chorus effect. Perfect for adding movement, width, and depth to melodic and harmonic instruments. Available in both Waves Ultimate and Waves Essential subscriptions.


This 80s/90s TV effect adds a nostalgic touch to your audio: Get that tasteful "soft-around-the-edges" sound and send your samples back in time to when music videos ruled the airwaves. Available in both Waves Ultimate and Waves Essential subscriptions.


This lo-fi beauty will help you add a vintage feel to any audio, with gentle pitch fluctuations sending subtle ripples of nostalgia through your tracks. Available in Waves Ultimate subscriptions only.

These four new Gemstones are added to the ten effects already included in the Gemstones collection.

New Features

The Gemstones plugin is now cloud-based, which means that going forward you'd be able to load newly added Gemstones directly from the plugin.




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