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Wire Grind releases Unagated - VST 3 Gating Plugin for Windows

Wire Grind

Screen shot of Wire Grind's VST noisegate plugin, UNAGATED.Wire Grind has released Unagated, a new VST 3 effect plugin.

Unagated is a gating plugin, and it has a number of features unique to Wire Grind's product line.

Specifically, it has a Suppress Clicking feature as well as the control parameters Delay Attack, Force Release, Hold Closed, and Skip Beats.

Gates can produce clicking sounds if they open or close too quickly. This problem is addressed by the Suppress Clicking button. The underlying algorithm operates in real-time, and Wire Grind says it's very effective at eliminating clicks.

The parameters Delay Attack and Force Release alter the timings of the attack and release. The result changes volume envelopes, and it's capable of adjusting transient characteristics such as punchiness. The parameters Hold Closed and Skip Beats work by keeping the gate closed at times when it would otherwise open. When used with the trance gating technique, the result is an alteration in rhythmic texture.

Selected Feature List:

  • Real-time click suppression.
  • Transient and envelope shaping.
  • Sidechain processing.
  • Two attack envelopes.
  • Range control.
  • Hysteresis.
  • Ducking.
  • Trigger signal scope.
  • Trigger signal filtering.
  • Look-ahead.
  • Independent and linked channel processing.
  • Mono, stereo, and various surround sound formats.

Intro Price: $30/€28 (Reg. $69/€63).



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