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XLN Audio releases Metal ADpak and Diabolic MIDIpak for Addictive Drums and announces two Bundle Offers

XLN Audio

XLN Audio has announced two brand new Metal Drum products and two new bundle offers.

Metal ADpak ($59/ 59 EUR) features a new Ludwig drum kit recorded by Metal guru Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot) in Los Angeles. With thunderous toms, a heavy kick drum, a sharp but balanced snare drum, and vicious Zildjian cymbals this kit can be used with any style of Metal. Ross Robinson is widely known for his raw, powerful drum productions and dedication to details. For these recordings he brought in his A-team consisting of engineer Steve Evetts (Sepultura) and drummer Jeff Freidl (Ashes Divide, Puscifer).

Besides the 18-piece drum kit, the Metal ADpak includes 30+ mix presets tweaked by professional metal producers and musicians such as Roberto Laghi and Björn Gelotte (In Flames), David E.K. (Fuge), Martin Preikschas and many others.

Diabolic MIDIpak ($25/ 25 EUR) gives the user more than 300 live recorded Metal MIDI beats and grooves played exclusively by Daniel Erlandsson. It includes shorter Metal Grooves with different variations such as ride, open hh, closed hh, china, with triggers, without triggers etc and longer Master Metal Grooves arranged like ready-to-go songs. In addition the user gets 6/8 time signature Metal Grooves, Metal Tom Grooves and Metal Fills in different lengths. A special feature in Diabolic is the trig sounds for the kick and the snare. Four different trig sounds are included to give the sound an extra edge and attack in the mix.

Metal ADpak + Diabolic MIDIpak Bundle: ($69/ 69 EUR) This bundle gives the user everything they need to produce Metal drums: the power of the Ludwig Maple Metal drumkit recorded by metal guru Ross Robinson and the skills of Arch Enemys Daniel Erlandsson.

Master Metal Bundle: ($299/ 299 EUR) This is the ultimate offering for those who are new to the Addictive Drums world and want to take their Metal drum tracks to a new level. It includes Addictive Drums, the Metal ADpak, the Diabolic MIDIpak and the Metal MIDIpak.



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