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Zynewave releases Podium v1.70


Zynewave has updated Podium to v1.70.


  • Template tracks can be created with the "copy track to template" and "copy group to template" track menus. A dialog will pop up where you can edit the template name and select whether timeline events should be copied. Once track templates have been created, they can be accessed on submenus of the "new track", "new child track" and "new group track" track menus.
  • Track templates are stored in an auto-generated "track templates" arrangement. You can edit this arrangement to organize the order of the template tracks. Placing the templates in group tracks will create submenus in the track menus. A sticky note attached to the arrangement explains how this works.
  • Using the "copy group to template" command will copy the entire group as a single template. This can be used to manage e.g. effect chain tracks or a set of tracks for a multiple IO plugin.
  • "Recall track" is added to the track menu if the project contains track templates. Selecting a template from the submenu will replace the settings of the current track with those of the template track.
  • Deleting a group track will move any child tracks one step up the hierarchy.
  • When inserting new tracks the key focus will be set to the first of the new tracks.
  • Holding the alt key while clicking on a group track header will drag the entire group and not just the single track. Previously dragging a group was only possible if the group was collapsed.
  • Assigning a global plugin mapping to a track will automatically assign the local bank preset. This was previously only done for insert plugins.
  • The start page device list menu contains two new sub menus: "import plugin definition" and "import hardware definition". The sub menus show all device definition files found in the "Zynewave Podium Projects\Library" folders. Importing a hardware definition will show a dialog with options for selecting MIDI and audio interface connections.
  • The project wizard window is removed. All the essential wizard features are now found on the project start page. The Ctrl+W shortcut opens the browser window instead.
  • Fix: Windows that are positioned outside the current desktop area will be centered so they are always visible. This can happen if you used a larger display resolution the last time you ran Podium.


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