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Zynewave updates Podium to v2.41


Zynewave has updated Podium to version 2.41.


  • Settings made in the "Adjust Timing" edit dialog are saved in the Podium setup file.
  • Fix: Auto-hiding of the menubar would sometimes not work after maximizing the project window.
  • Fix: The project template and track template submenus could cut off the remaining menus if there were a large number of templates.
  • Fix: The size of the scrollbars in the editors would under some circumstances not update correctly.
  • Fix: Dragging and holding a sequence event for longer than 1 second could interrupt an ongoing recording.
  • Fix: Using the fade-in and fade-out edit commands in the sound editor would crash when applied to a range that stretched beyond the end of the sound.
  • Fix: The "new arrangement as unique copy" command now preserves unique/phantom sequences and sounds within the new arrangement, instead of just converting all phantom copies to unique copies.


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