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Zynewave has updated Podium to v2.0.5.


  • Meters on track lane headers can be configured for either horizontal or vertical layout with the new "audio meters" setting in the tracks region properties. Vertical meters are now the default setting.
  • Track header meters show RMS as well as peak meters. Also added indicator lines at -6dB, -12dB and -24dB.
  • Added "slider knob style" settings to the colors setup dialog. There are options for glass effect, round knobs and a knob luminance offset value.
  • Updated the design of the pan, gain and send sliders on track lane headers. Added "control type" combobox setting to the tracks region properties. Choices are Dial, Slider and Readout slider.
  • Added "show device bypass buttons" and "show device automation record buttons" options to the tracks region properties.
  • Removed the E buttons from the track headers and the inspector group panel. Clicking a plugin name will open/close the editor window. Shift+click toggles bypass. Ctrl+click toggles record mode. Alt+click removes the device. Colored frames are drawn around the device name to indicate bypass, record and editor open/close states. These changes matches the update to the mixer in the previous release.
  • Added "show bypass buttons", "show record buttons" and "Control Type" options to the inspector view menu.
  • Hovering the mouse over buttons and sliders on track headers will highlight the control.
  • The pan field in the track properties dialog shows the pan position with L/R text formatting instead of a positive/negative decimal value. The pan value can also be entered with L/R/C text formatting.
  • The "expanded" track layout mode uses the chain panel from compact mode.
  • Added combobox settings for gain, pan and send controls to the mixer region properties dialog. This adds several new control types, including the option to show send sliders. A new row showing the gain and pan value will appear in the mixer if the gain or pan control types have been set to sliders without value readouts on the knob.
  • Fix: The configurable double-click action in the mixer was not working correctly.
  • Fix: Loading a device setup would overwrite the current project name.


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