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Zynewave updates Podium to v2.15


Zynewave has updated Podium to v2.15.


  • Implemented a new automation system. Instead of treating each curve sequence as a separate playback object, all curve sequences on a track are combined to form a single track automation curve. This track curve stretches from start to end of the arrangement.
  • The track curve is constructed from all the points in the visible sections of the curve sequences. This makes it possible to overlap curve sequence events to for example create a fade in/out in the middle of a longer fade curve.
  • Recording parameter automation will now record start and end points upon grabbing and releasing a Podium parameter fader or a plugin editor control.
  • Added "show points on parameter track curves" option to the tracks region properties dialog. This is by default off.
  • The curve editor edit menu has two new commands: "transform spline curve to lines" and "transform to grid aligned points". The old "digitize spline curve" command has been renamed to "transform to spline curve".
  • Ctrl+clicking a track record button or pressing the Ctrl+R shortcut key will toggle record mode of both the source track and all effect tracks in the chain.
  • Ctrl+clicking an event will now toggle event selection on mouse-up instead of on mouse-down. This allows ctrl+clicking to be used for starting a drag-copy operation without having to first click and then press the control key.
  • Fix: Using the "move track" submenu would not move effect tracks correctly.


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