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Zynewave updates Podium to v2.23


Zynewave has updated Podium to v2.23.


  • New track chain panel for managing effects, instruments, busses and inputs. Extensive redesign of the track inspector, tracks region and mixer
  • Introduced a new track chain panel for managing effects, instruments, busses and inputs. This panel is incorporated into both the track inspector, track lane headers and mixer strips. Popup help is available for the controls in the panel. The chain panel allows rearranging effects by dragging up/down.
  • The mixer has been extensively redesigned. In addition to the new chain panel, there are changes to the mixer options menu and the mixer region dialog.
  • Changed the design of track lane headers so that they match the hierarchy visualization used in the mixer. Changed many of the options in the tracks region dialog, including new options for showing/hiding elements in the new chain panel.
  • Added a new "slider with value popup" control type. This is now used as the default control type used in the Podium default setup. It can be selected individually in the track inspector options menu, the tracks region dialog and the mixer region dialog.
  • Renamed the track inspector "Group Panel" to "Rack". Added a "Lists" button for toggling display of the object assignment list panels.
  • Removed the automation record option from individual effect plugin tracks. Arming record on the source track will automatically enable automation recording on all effect plugins on the track. When you want to record effect automation on an audio track, unassign the audio input to avoid recording over the existing audio.
  • Added "rack/header/strip opacity" and "lane background opacity" settings to the Colors dialog. Removed the obsolete "bounce track luminance" option.
  • All menu buttons can be both left-clicked and right-clicked.
  • Toned down the shadow effect on buttons.
  • Improved stability of plugin multiprocessing.
  • Fix: Changing parameters in a plugin editor would not always mark the project as being edited.


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