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ADSR Sample Manager

Sample Manager Plugin by ADSR

ADSR Sample Manager has an average user rating of 3.36 from 11 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for ADSR Sample Manager

Reviewed By YnJ [read all by] on December 10th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows.
Last edited by YnJ on 10th December 2021.

Agree with and second the other fellows who have understood that you need to wait for the Sample Manager to get the analyzing done first, and not load all your samples up into it all at once.

Reviewed By antoniusguntoro [read all by] on December 6th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows.
Last edited by antoniusguntoro on 6th December 2021.

I love it because it can play different key without changing the playback speed. But the sound is bad on very high notes (understandable). IMPORTANT: you should wait until the plugin finished to analyze the sample library when first time importing a sample folder. When it finished, the plugin is stable. You can monitor the progress by clicking "Show library panel" menu at the left side. It took me 30 minutes to analyze 16 GB sample folder. It crashed a lot while it's analyzing, but when it's done I never experience crash again. (Cakewalk 64-bit Win 10 vst3).

Reviewed By AX11 [read all by] on March 26th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows

Works quite nicely for me. Has been rock stable so far and seems up to the task. Intuitively to work with, responsive and clear interface. Still is a lot of work to tag and sort a big library that has been growing for ten years or more for sure, but that's within the nature of these things.

Reviewed By Ijon Tichy [read all by] on March 5th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.6 on Windows

I haven't come across such an unstable plugin in many years. It crashes so often it's completely useless. I could add one star for being free, but I would have to take it back for my lost time, especially since the developer doesn't seem to care.

Reviewed By soundpeaks [read all by] on January 12th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows.
Last edited by soundpeaks on 12th January 2021.

IMO it is the best sample manager out there. UI + UX is perfect. Responsive support. Master volume. VST version. Quick search. It made my production x100 faster. Strongly recommend. I loaded 250 GB into it. Don't listen to people who say it's unstable. It haven't crashed even once at my system Win 10 x64. Also people do it wrong when try to drag and drop 1 huge folder into ADSR Sample Manager. You want to go inside and drag 100 sub folders instead.

Reviewed By tomvbus@hotmail.com [read all by] on July 26th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Mac

2 stars instead of 1 since its free. This is the most unstable plugin I have come across after using hundreds. Been waiting for a fix but company is not prioritizing this plugin to fix. Good luck but highly recommend skipping until new version that is somewhat stable. Absolutely do not try to load a large library into this. It won't work.

Reviewed By jettamb [read all by] on July 26th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.5.2 on Windows

Extremely buggy and unstable. The idea is great, and if it worked ok, it would be super-cool, but it crashes multiple times while scanning my library, then it crashes when I'm using it (standalone or VST - doesn't matter).

Reviewed By lchrisw67 [read all by] on July 21st, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.5.2 on Windows

I wasted too much time loading my samply library only to have the program crash when I try to add a tag to more than one file. I did intermittent checks on what I considered important functions and failed to check that one. It's a cool program if it would do what it's supposed to too. I'd try to load only a few of your samples at a time (less than 5GB) and run the program for a few hours before adding anymore.

Reviewed By rbuck2307 [read all by] on May 16th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.5.1 on Mac

First, a word of caution about database sinkholes: it seems like a good idea - a way to easily access all of the audio in your library using searchable tags. A real time saver, right? And this one is free! But what about those tags? Where do they come from? How useful are they to you? Is it easy to edit them? Here's how this one works: when you import libraries, ADSR Sample Manager does an analysis of each file to try an determine some things about it. Is it audio (it does a good job of ignoring non-audio files)? Is it a loop or a one-shot? What is the key? If it's a loop, what tempo? Beyond that, it gets pretty esoteric and iffy. What instrument? What genre? What's the label (creator tag)? And a bunch of other stuff you may or may not find useful. So how well does the ADSR Sample Manager perform this analysis and auto-tagging? Unfortunately, not real well. For the basic stuff (loop/shot, tempo, key) it does ok - maybe 75% accurate. For the other stuff it is wildly inaccurate. Here's an example: after importing most of my 770 GB library, I had 397 files tagged as CAT (I had one sound effect file that was a cat), but zero tagged as BASS (I'm certain I have thousands of files that could be tagged BASS, many have Bass in the file name). Looking at the results of the import/tagging process, I realized I'd have to do a lot of editing to make it useful to me. I really don't need thousands of files tagged DIRTY or DISCO. I spent upwards of forty hours editing tags. Though there are multi-select and edit functions, using them crashes the ADSR Sample Manager (and your DAW) consistently. This does seem to be related to the size of the database - before I imported my entire library I was able to edit multiple files without crashing. So after all that work, I was set to use my timesaving device, right? Wrong, the first time I tried to use it after my massive editing job, it asked to rescan as it seemed to believe the library had changed. I said "sure" and the ADSR Sample Manager began scanning only to crash on completion. Does that every time now. Guess I'll never be able to update my library again...

Long story short, be aware that this "timesaver" may be a time sinkhole. It may be useful to me long-term as it might allow me to search my library more thoroughly and efficiently, but I doubt I'll ever "save" the amount of time I've spent trying to make it work. And the crashing is super annoying.

Reviewed By Airtones [read all by] on October 11th, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows.
Last edited by Airtones on 11th October 2019.

For a free product it's more than enough, it has so many useful features like the possibility of playing samples in reverse in real time (and then export them right away) and it also handles large numbers of files greatly. Thanks ADSR.

Reviewed By trusampler [read all by] on July 13th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Windows.
Last edited by trusampler on 13th July 2018.

LOVE the idea of this, but users should be able to choose whether or not, if samples are auto tagged or not. I'd like to have more control via tagging samples. This should also needs to read Keys eg: Amin Cmaj.

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28 July 2018 at 11:44am


Oh god. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I need nothing more. I waited for my whole life for this random button.

3 May 2019 at 11:22am

I'd guess you're in my team and think ANY software should have a random button?

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