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BioTek 2

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Comments & Discussion for Tracktion Software BioTek 2

Discussion: Active
4 November 2017 at 2:47pm


First of I'd like to thank the developers of Biotek and Waveform for taking the plunge, and providing support for other OS's beside micro$ windows (tm) and apple OSn. So far I'm very impressed with the products, achieving 2-5% CPU utilization for demo project (jackd server), and am generally very happy with the purchase.

I've paid for and installed the Waveform (8) top tier package ($200), and so far I've activated the essentials collection, Bioteck, and part way through setting up collective (2GB download : (). While debugging Bioteck functionality, I noticed a dependency for webkit-gtk. Anyone feel free to chip in here, but that package can only be regarded as safe to use on the apple OSn platform, where I believe it is actively patched. Most linux's only provide thispackage for legacy support, and encourage users to avoid it because of the plethora of CVE's, microsoft doesn't appear to directly support this library by relying on 3rd party maintainers i.e. Tracktion and the webkit-gtk people (assuming they're still alive). Fortunately for Tracktion M$ windows users assume everything is OK in the playground because developers are very clever, and sort security issues out tout suite. Experienced linux users are less presumptious, and tend to assume the worst, that said I've practically given up on 'security' as a concept following the realization that the privacy war is not fought on a level pitch, and everyone including governments think that privacy protections are not for the masses (us). I'll cut to the chase, webkit-gtk is provided as a source package, for me it was an 8 hour build, the supported webkit2gtk package is a binary package, and takes <5minutes to install. Is there a plan to migrate the webkit dependency to webkit2? I for one would be very appreciative.

Thanks for your patience.


As an aside is webkit used as a widget/gl-canvas rendering library? There are probably better alternatives if that should be so.

22 April 2018 at 4:26am

I've downloaded the demo of Waveform, interested in some of the novel features. I would like to know the answer as well. I don't have a linux O/S; is the concern a factor for Windows users? It sounds like its not (because Windows developers are clever.) But a developer being clever may not protect the end user and "tout site" as the gentleman put it is not an idiom I am familiar with.

I have a few weeks to try and get familiar with Waveform. Thank you for the demo.

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