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Celestion Speaker Shaper

Speaker Modelling Plugin by Softube

Celestion Speaker Shaper has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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Celestion Speaker Shaper

Reviewed By Faydit [all]
February 10th, 2023
Version reviewed: 2.5.55 on Windows

Really cool, innovative and useful plugin.

The Celestion speaker shaper offers a lot of well known options but also some rather unusual ones.

The system is based on 8 popular guitar and 3 bass Celestions, which can be even more customized and used in cabinets with 1 to 8 speakers. The different cabinets are mixable, also a very good microphone selection of 8 microphones is included.

One of the more unusuals features is speaker size adjustment. Did you even want to know, how a 8" V30 sounds or a 24" Pulse? No problem here and also not everything in between.

You can also customize the speakers concerning age, ohms, new, used, have the choice between open or closed back cabinets plus some other useful features like eg. the choice of the used magnet: Ferrite M, Ferrite H, Alnico, Neodymium. Take eg. a G12M, replace the Ferrite M with an Alnico and you get - more or less - a Ruby. Take the G12M Creamback and use the Ferrite H and you get the G12H Creamback but you are not limited to existing speakers. Ever wanted to know, how a 15" V30 sounds with Neodymium magnet? No problem.

This system is a lot of fun but also a very nice, useful tool which can produce convincing results fast and easy.

The big advantage is it's flexibility. I personally do not think, that this system will replace any large, already existing cabinet IR libraries, but is is or can be a good alternative or even addition, I think.

Another advantage is, that this plugin also works within Amp Room, where it allows in my opinion more flexibility and much better adjustment options, than the built-in cabinets offer.

For me one of the most innovative plugins, not only from Softube.

My only complaint is, that it could have included some more speakers, like eg. the V-Type, the 10 Creamback or also some not anymore produced Celestions, like eg. some Blackbacks or a Sidewinder...

But this is complaining at a very high level.

If you also consider what you have to pay for single good cabinet IR sets - although some excellent ones also are offered comparably cheap too - this also is a comparably cheap solution, not only for guitar but also for bass, if not a bargain.

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