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Model 72
Reviewed By rolandcs
May 13th, 2022

One of the best emulation out there so far. It has the warmth, the fatness and the gritty little details that make it sound authentic. The modular integration is a bonus too for those who already own Softube Modular. I wish there was an option to make it polyphonic without using Modular tho.

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Reviewed By Introspective
February 24th, 2022

I made a noisy ambient piece using only Parallels.


I love Parallels. I also hate Parallels. It's great! It's also infuriating.

It is a serious PITA to work with. Some patches are brilliant, but it is very difficult to find the sweet spots, and there isn't anything it can do that Pigments cannot do better, other than to be quirky. Very slow to load, inflexible envelopes, peculiar filters (too resonant for my tastes), stupid preset manager. ...one of the strangest things about it is how it handles "looping" of the internal sounds: it's very ... flawed. Sometimes this is characterful and interesting, but mostly it's just obnoxious. It's a memory hog, and BitWig crashes if you load more than a handful of instances of it (the above song was tricky to finish, I had to bounce tracks to get it all in).

But I also love Parallels. Despite all of its flaws, I really enjoy wrestling with it, 'cause it's gratifying when you get an interesting sound out of it. Really interesting modulation possibilities, letting you define TWO sources for each destination, and "morph" between them: very unique, very interesting. Decent effects, really interesting in-built samples, interesting UI (I like it), plugs into Modular nicely, and leads me in directions I never would have gone with any other synth. To me, this falls in the category of "software that feels like hardware." (Something that I think Softube really excels at, FWIW.)

It definitely makes my "must have" list.

It would never make my top ten list. Probably not even top twenty.

But you can pry it from my cold, dead fingers!

I hope they make a V2 of it someday. ...or at least make another synth that is at least as far leftfield as Parallels. It's one of the most interesting synths made in the past five years.

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Saturation Knob
Reviewed By @tata_arias
April 9th, 2021

It's an excellent, great-sounding product. it is really very easy to use. and it's free!!! It has the necessary controls so that the saturation works in bass, normal and treble. For very it is a must-have plugin.

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Saturation Knob
Reviewed By pvallejosb
March 27th, 2021

Don't konow why this has two stars. This is an excellent plugin and it's free! It's logical the lack of features, because if it had more it would be expensive. It sounds amazing.

Also most of the negative reviews are because the process of downloading it and not about the plugin quality.

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Softube Transient Shaper
Reviewed By Zarcxxx
November 11th, 2020

Im surprised by the fact that theres literally no one reviewing this plugin... this is truly the best transient shaper plugin ever made. I love the fact that I can process 2 bands separately.

The only one thats better than this would be iZotope's Neutron which could do multiband but cost way way more.

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Saturation Knob
Reviewed By SRMusics
October 10th, 2020

Now I have an unnecessary account and still no saturation knob. The website does not work properly. And then about i lock. It really doesn't get any more complicated than that.

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Saturation Knob
Reviewed By Duncle22
May 9th, 2020

One of the best free saturation plugins out there. Sounds good, simple to use & its free. Another must had in your plugin arsenal.

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Saturation Knob
Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
March 12th, 2020

It's a decent plugin by itself. Crunchy, analog-style saturation that can be applied to either the high or low end. What annoys me is the absolutely gigantic installer (over 100MB). Instead of just giving you the .dll, you have to go through and untick every limited demo they try to give you as well. Use Klevgrand FreeAMP or SGA1566 instead.

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