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Softube has been making class-leading products for the modern computer-based musician since 2003. Obsessive attention to sound quality means that Softube's software plug-ins and hybrid hardware/software solutions win hearts as well as awards.

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This synth is a faithful recreation of the Prophet 5.
I love the sound and indeed looks like Softube nailed it.
They also added an extended panel with additional features as well as aging dial to create aging effect.

Here is a full overview with sound demo and all you need to understand how to use this synth.


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Fix Phaser
Reviewed By Faydit
February 21st, 2023

Obviously Mr. Wolff's - whoever he may be - ideas about a good phaser and mine are worlds apart.

The plugin has a lot of controls and sometimes you even manage to adjust some usable sounds, but more often not. What you not or only hardly can adjust, are any authentic Small Stone, Phase 90 or PS-1A, much less any Bi-Phase tones, which are for me the typical phaser tones, which I expect or am looking for, if I want to use a phaser.

This plugin does not really sound like a phaser to me, sorry. It just "wobbles around" a little. Or a little more, but it has no really unique, musical phasing character at all. No matter how you adjust all the knobs. It also does not at all sound unique or as iconic as the already mentioned pedals.

So maybe usable as an average studio phaser for commercial music, but for guitars (or synthesizers) it does not really convince me in any way. Less features, but better, more iconic sounds I had preferred more.

I have freeware phasers, which nail the tone much better, using less knobs, if not only a single one and this for free.

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Tape Echoes
Reviewed By Faydit
February 21st, 2023

In principle a flexible tape echo, but unfortunately no authentic simulation of a real model, like eg. a Copicat or Echoplex. Maybe a little more similar to a Space Echo, which I unfortunately never really liked very much.

Not really bad, but sonically not really my taste. The tape echo tones, I am looking for, sound different. For me it rather sounds like an average digital delay, which has been modified with some additions to sound more "tape echoish".

Drive and Dirt controls do something, but the results do not really remind me of - for me - typical tape echo tones, if delay time is set to zero, the results rather sound like a flanger to me. Some modulation wobbling, more similar to typical Memory Man modulations than to authentic, mechanical tape echo irregularities.

Is usable, but hardly will replace any of my favorite tape echo plugins.

The basic concept of this plugin may be good, but unfortunately the realization is not for my taste. Needs a quality upgrade in my opinion.

Also this strange 1970's home audio GUI looks awful.

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Dirty Tape
Reviewed By Krakatau
February 12th, 2023

Very effective and easy to use plugin if you want to add tape flutters and soft saturation to your track, I like particularly to use it on bass tracks with de-couple mode on, the effect is absolutely dramatic on the stereo field.

The only little regret : no mix level that would have induce a convincing chorus effect...and perhaps a bit pricey considering that we have on the kvr list a free plugin that seems do to the same job wery well, ...but true : the GUI isn't has beautiful as this one !.

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Eden WT-800
Reviewed By Leomicro
February 11th, 2023

The Eden WT-800 is a high-quality software emulator of the classic Eden World Tour 800 bass amp, which is an iconic amplifier used by many renowned bass players. From the perspective of an Indie Rock Mixing Engineer, the Eden WT-800 is a versatile and indispensable tool in the mixing process.

One of the standout features of the Eden WT-800 is its rich and warm tone, which brings a huge presence to the bass frequencies and adds a powerful foundation to any mix. The low end can be sculpted with precision, thanks to the wide range of controls available, such as the Drive, Bass, Middle, and Treble knobs. The onboard Pre-Shape switch can be used to add an extra boost to the bass frequencies, making it an ideal choice for thicker and more punchy basslines.

Another aspect that makes the Eden WT-800 an excellent choice for Indie Rock mixing is its versatility. The amp can handle different types of basses, from vintage Fenders to modern active pickups, and can produce a wide range of tonal colors, from warm and round to bright and cutting. This versatility makes it a go-to tool for Indie Rock mixing engineers who want to ensure that the bass frequencies are well-represented in their mixes.

In terms of how to use the Eden WT-800 in a mix, one approach could be to first add the plugin to the bass track and set the Drive and Bass knobs to taste. Then, adjust the Middle and Treble knobs to shape the tone and add definition to the bass frequencies. Finally, experiment with the Pre-Shape switch to see if it enhances the bass sound.

Overall, the Eden WT-800 is a highly recommended tool for any Indie Rock mixing engineer. Its rich and warm tone, versatility, and precision controls make it an ideal choice for bringing a powerful and well-defined bass presence to any mix.

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Celestion Speaker Shaper
Reviewed By Faydit
February 10th, 2023

Really cool, innovative and useful plugin.

The Celestion speaker shaper offers a lot of well known options but also some rather unusual ones.

The system is based on 8 popular guitar and 3 bass Celestions, which can be even more customized and used in cabinets with 1 to 8 speakers. The different cabinets are mixable, also a very good microphone selection of 8 microphones is included.

One of the more unusuals features is speaker size adjustment. Did you even want to know, how a 8" V30 sounds or a 24" Pulse? No problem here and also not everything in between.

You can also customize the speakers concerning age, ohms, new, used, have the choice between open or closed back cabinets plus some other useful features like eg. the choice of the used magnet: Ferrite M, Ferrite H, Alnico, Neodymium. Take eg. a G12M, replace the Ferrite M with an Alnico and you get - more or less - a Ruby. Take the G12M Creamback and use the Ferrite H and you get the G12H Creamback but you are not limited to existing speakers. Ever wanted to know, how a 15" V30 sounds with Neodymium magnet? No problem.

This system is a lot of fun but also a very nice, useful tool which can produce convincing results fast and easy.

The big advantage is it's flexibility. I personally do not think, that this system will replace any large, already existing cabinet IR libraries, but is is or can be a good alternative or even addition, I think.

Another advantage is, that this plugin also works within Amp Room, where it allows in my opinion more flexibility and much better adjustment options, than the built-in cabinets offer.

For me one of the most innovative plugins, not only from Softube.

My only complaint is, that it could have included some more speakers, like eg. the V-Type, the 10 Creamback or also some not anymore produced Celestions, like eg. some Blackbacks or a Sidewinder...

But this is complaining at a very high level.

If you also consider what you have to pay for single good cabinet IR sets - although some excellent ones also are offered comparably cheap too - this also is a comparably cheap solution, not only for guitar but also for bass, if not a bargain.

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Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962
Reviewed By Faydit
February 10th, 2023

Nice Bluesbreaker combo amp, which in principle is a JTM45 with Tremolo (only in the Normal channel) added. Also nice T650 Celestions, better known as Silver Alnicos, which offer more mids and a more decent treble range than eg. the Alnico Blue. In some way some sort of predecessor of the G12M's, I would say in the same way as the Bluesbreaker/JTM45 is the predecessor of the 1959.

The amps sound similar, but the Bluesbreaker has a slightly different voicing with (still) more bass and less intense treble, in principle still closer to a Bassman than a SLP is. Nevertheless the typical Marshall vintage crunch is well audible.

The 212 cabinet also is an open back, which of course also sounds different to a closed back 412.

Nice vintage tone, but the amp has a tendency to sound more diffuse and more muddy than a 1987/1959, nevertheless you get some beautiful tones, if you adjust the amp properly. Using the High Treble channel alone works nice in combination with bass reduction and more presence, for example. Also the clean sounds are beautiful, so, what you get are some good Yardbirds to Cream tones, for Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin tones I rather recommended the 1959.

The Tremolo sounds ok, but unfortunately is limited to the Normal channel, which is authentically, but I personally had preferred it also or even more in the High Treble channel too. But ok.

The Bluesbreaker is an amp, on which not every setting automatically sounds great, mostly because of the vintage design, but you can adjust some really good, authentic sounds. Played through a 412 G12M cabinet you get the typical JTM45 sounds, so this plugin also is nice, more vintage voiced alternative to the 1959. For vintage Marshall fans anyway a must-have, I think.

Good choice, if you look for classic 1960's vintage tones which sound different than typical Tweed amps or than a Vox.

Good programming work.

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Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature
Reviewed By Faydit
February 9th, 2023

Some professional guitarists always preferred the Super Bass over the Super Lead, I personally did not have much experience with a real Super Bass up to now, but I must admit, the longer I play this plugin, the more I like it (also) for guitar.

It is not a completely different amp if compared with a 1959, but nevertheless the voicing is different. I also find the cabinet combination of a 412 and a 415 excellent, even more as you also have the option to choose guitar compatible mircrophones like eg. the SM57.

With bass it has a nice, dirty, typical Marshall sound, of course, opposite to typical, modern clean bass amps, but also opposite to eg. the typical Portaflex sound. But do not expect a lot of - if any - clean headroom, this amp wants to rock.

For my taste it sounds a little too dirty, some more clean headroom would have sounded better, but I suppose, this is a modification for the Murder One, as I also have heard much cleaner sounding Super Bass amps, but ok, with reduced input and low Volume you can also get some nice clean tones.

I mostly use it routed parallel with the 1959 to get some slightly different sounds with guitar.

Nevertheless an additional, unmodifed stock voicing had increased flexibility in my opinion.

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