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Cyber FREE

Sampler/Sample Player Plugin by XT Software

Cyber FREE has an average user rating of 3.40 from 5 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Cyber FREE

Cyber FREE

Reviewed By Wine [all]
April 22nd, 2002
Version reviewed: 005 on Windows

This is really not bad for freeware and as a taster for the pro version, it is very interesting indeed. It is very simple to use, important for those who have never used a Sampler before. However, the ease of use would have been improved if it had a manual of some kind and the GUI was a little more typical of the VST format. The GUI is certainly minimalistic and very clear but perhaps a little perplexing if you haven't used software synths for a while.

The Sound quality was quite good, the filter and ADSR is useful and easy to understand.

There are no presets, however, since it is a sampler this probably isn't a problem for most users. However, a few demonstration samples would make up for the lack of manual.

Previous versions were apparently incompatible with other multisample vsti's such as SR202 etc. However, this seems to have been remedied as I can no use it.

Overall definitely worth the download.
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Cyber FREE

Reviewed By pHuzZ [all]
April 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: 004 on Windows

- of all the simple freeware samplers/sample players out there this is the one i reach for most often

- it may not look as nice as helios or 3s but once you get your head round the multiple gui layout all the info and parameters are nice and easy to access - on a functional level gui works pretty well

- documentation is minimal at best [bare bones info on the webmassiva site] but if you have a basic knowledge of sampling its real easy to figure out - if you do have a prob with anything jorgen [the author] is usually very helpful [and can be found hanging around kvr quite a bit if you fancy a chat]

- sound quality is as good as i will ever need [and obviously relies on how good your samples are to a certain extent] - it has all the features you would want in a simple sampler [asdr envelopes for filter and amplitude / editing of loop points / import of loop points] but no bells and whistles - it does exactly what it says on the tin

- on my setup stability is rock solid - no problems whatsoever
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Cyber FREE

Reviewed By MB [all]
April 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: 004 on Windows

As a simple sample player it works very nicely. It has more features than Toby's Helios, but I have mixed feelings about the interface (especially in contrast to Toby's cute design). The main layout is ugly, yet effective. The sample browser and loop point editors are nice. Particularly I don't like those multiple windows which clutter my workspace. The sound of the filter is passable. It lacks documentation, but is very simple and there are few hints on the webpage. I managed to crash it twice during normal usage and have had a serious system crash and sudden reboot. All in all, once the stability will improve, it's a nice little sampler.
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Cyber FREE

Reviewed By jdg [all]
April 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: ?? on Windows

I LOVE IT! it's free, it plays samples from wav files perfectly and controll to each midi channel. uses very low CPU... it took me a sec to figure out... if there is a manual, i couldn't find it... One word... EXCELLENT. i think the interface is obscure esp. if you don't know sampling lingo, but i once i got used to it, very fast to use.

Support these peeple, buy some products like massiva et. al.

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Cyber FREE

Reviewed By Coby [all]
March 20th, 2002
Version reviewed: 004 on Windows

Cyber is a freeware 'simple sample player'. There are a few of these about now, such as Helios and 3S, but Cyber is definitely my pick of the bunch at this point, in part because it will pick up pre-existing loop points as it loads samples.

If you have such samples (e.g. from a sample CD like the one from Maz) then a couple of right-clicks in Cyber gets you instantly to the lead or pad sound you need. Alternatively, you can prepare your own samples using the precision looping and crossfade tools in Soundforge or Wavelab.

The likes of Halion and VirtualSampler can do this of course - but they cost $$ and (in my opinion) clutter up the screen with all their options. Cyber is very much more stripped-down, but has exactly the key features you want: velocity-sensitive, a resonant filter, separate envelopes for volume and filter, midi control of cutoff and Q... and it sounds GOOD!

Support is great too - I emailed a query about looping and within a couple of days a new version was released with the feature I had asked for - too kool. It originates as a plugin for Massiva but is working flawlessly for me in Cubase. No manual really necessary, but there are some helpful comments on the Cyber webpage if required.

Overall, this is a highly recommended little tool if you're already close to maxing out you CPU with VSTi synths and need to slip a few sample-based sounds into the mix with minimum fuss and bother!

(BTW - the KvR ratings system really needs a "not relevant" option...that's what I would have liked to have given for Presets)
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