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Guitar Instrument with Effects Plugin by Three-Body Technology

Heavier7Strings has an average user rating of 5.00 from 2 reviews

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Reviewed By lyncboy [all]
March 2nd, 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Mac

Heavier7Strings is AMAZING !!! i have many seven string guitar libraries that sound really good, .

but H7S is a whole new level...

the realism is so deep & articulate, i can't stop playing this thing !!.

truly a new breakthrough in the Metal electric guitar sample library world !!.

it's the best to date...

try the demo or just buy it, you'll be hooked like me !!.

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Comments & Discussion for Three-Body Technology Heavier7Strings

Discussion: Active
3 March 2018 at 9:50am

I tend to disagree a little bit. When rating an instrument I think all things in the instrument should be considdered. HS is pretty good when playing the keyboard, especially for things like heavy (hence the name) and metal. However there are a lot of guitar instruments that are in that respect. When it comes to other features IMHO others excell. HS presets ranges from very quite to EXTREEMELY LOUD. Annoying. The enclosed presets are not to my liking and the "grooves" or "solos" are mostly unusable in a song (but can serve as an inspiration). If you are after a guitar software that you want to play the whole thing on your keyboard it is worth looking into, but the guitars from Ample Sound, Music Lab (Real Strat/LesPaul/8), Impact Soundworks (Shreddage) etc should also be considdered, especially when combined with a good amp/FX simulator (like S-Gear or similar). If you are looking for a software that kind of helps you as a non guitar player and not so skilled at the keyboard, the other three mentioned are better choices.

4 April 2022 at 4:56pm

I have been using virtual electric guitars for years to reinforce my productions, I like to work with them at an extreme level of realism. Unfortunately no current library is perfect.

Ample Sound and MusicLab has a great range but still sounds a bit "artificial" and lack of sampling, Prominy V-Metal has various chord captures but not enough layers and round robins, plus an GUI from the old last century...

Of all these the best are Shreddage Guitars (especially Jupiter and Hydra) give you endless options to control the sound, they have resonance control, release and pick attack samples (very important)... if there is something bad I would have to point out, it is the handling of the articulations that it's a bit uncomfortable with TACT, as well as some samples that sound very freaky in some frets.. yes, it's a guitar that requires a lot of programming to achieve a good result.

For its part, HEAVIER7STRINGS brings together several of the best features of all the others, the pick attack (although it is not completely controllable) gives great realism both in the leads and in the rhythmic parts. In general, its sound is the roundest and most complete. However, it is not perfect either, it lacks multilayers for the samples, especially the palm mute. You can't manually control which string you want to use either... The interface looks good, but I would improve the visibility a bit and change the font. It lacks a viewer that shows which joint is being used at that moment (super important) as well as better handling of hammer ons and slides... However, as I said, I consider it to be a very complete product... .

Unfortunately, it has fallen into oblivion, either due to lack of marketing or the company's inability to carry out such a complex project. Gone is the promise of a Heavier9Strings that never arrived and a community that long ago stopped seeing updates that could easily solve all the deficiencies of this magnificent software.

If I were the developers, I wouldn't invest time in the riffs or effects section (at least not as a priority)... In the end, 99% of the users will use their dedicated virtual amps and the riffs, more than a demonstrative resource, won't interest them. Focus on sample content, round robins, layers, slide transitions and controls, more FX's samples, pick attack, symphatetic resonance and other little nuances that are needed for create a realistic sound...

Hopefully one day, not too far away, good news will arrive in this regard.

PLEASE TBT!!! Here me!!.

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