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Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by Andreas Ersson
No Longer Available

Iblit has an average user rating of 3.88 from 8 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Iblit

Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 31st August 2003
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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This thing Rocks!!

Seriously this thing has a good ballsy analog sound-nice and fat. The filter sounds nice and the portamento responds properly (fingered, unequal time) for great sounding MiniMoogish leads. This synth is the ultimate for bass and leads.

The GUI is great, very simple, clean, and easy to use.

The Iblit really stands out in a sea of virtual analog emulating synthesizers.
Reviewed By maz22 [read all by] on 25th August 2003
Version reviewed: 0.15 on Windows
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I like this synth a lot. The presets are awesome. Just dial one up and there you go. Yesterday I started a cover of Section23's "Looking From a Hilltop" and I came really close to the bass sound used in that track just by using a preset. Which is just as well because...
...in the latest version of FL Studio some of the knobs don't seem to work, particulary the osc knobs 1-3. I haven't tried it in Orion Pro. One could see how programming could be difficult so it's a good thing the presets are good. I'm not much of a programmer anyways. so besides that hiccup, download this for all your synth-bass needs.
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on 21st February 2003
Version reviewed: 1.x on Windows
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this synth has punch and bite. the sound of this would be incredible if it had a distortion, chorus or delay.. something at the end of the signal chain and a triangle or sine wave for at least one of the oscillators.

the filter is pretty good. it passed the rez test.

the gui is a bit bland for my taste but layed out well.

this review may seem like i not a huge fan of this synth but if these things mentioned above happened this sytnh would be mentioned with the other freeware giants.
Reviewed By summer [read all by] on 16th January 2003
Version reviewed: 0.15 on Windows
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Does the world need another basic 2 or 3 oscillator virtual analog? After trying IBlit, I think maybe not. It sounds very nice, with a sound that is clear. But, it seems to lack character compared to Triangle or Synth1, even though it has an extra oscillator compared to those. It lacks features, including effects a, variety of waveforms, sync, apeggiator, and so on, so maybe that's the difference, but in any case, I wouldn't use it for leads or pads.

The documentation is basic, but what do you need to know about a simple VA synth? The GUI would work better if it was more compact, it takes up too much screen space for what it does. The presets are nice, but nothing you haven't heard before.

In summary it is very nice for what it is, a very simple VA synth without aliasing, but it isn't in the same class as Triangle or Synth1.
Reviewed By progfusion74 [read all by] on 16th January 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by progfusion74 on 17th January 2003.
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This synth was a pleasant surprise. When I read the feature list, I pretty much ignored it, since it did not seem to offer anything new, but after hearing people talk about it, I downloaded this beast. Wow. Simple interface, but extremely function, this is a monosynth, which has one great asset. The way it sounds!!! IBlit sounds extremely warm and mmmm, vintage. It also complements the more "in your face" character of Triangle I and II perfectly and is currently my preferred synth for analog-style basslines. The presets provide a very good idea of the way the synth can be used. I have not had to use the documentation or customer service, since I have not had the need to, as Iblit is about as intuitive a synth as it gets. Everything is neatly laid out, and easy to understand. The portamento is sweet, as are the filters. As funky mentioned, there seems to be no hint of aliasing.

The one big negative is a lack of MIDI control. This synth would really do well with MIDI learn.

If you haven't, try Iblit out. It is really worth the time.
Reviewed By Funkybot [read all by] on 16th January 2003
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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As of late I'd been becoming a cynic in regards to freeware virtual analog VSTi's, I mean let's face it, there's been a lot. Thus I almost never even downloaded Iblit, luckily I paid attention to the positive word of mouth and it had me curious enough to give it a go. I put this up there as one of the best sounding freeware VAs, with the other being Triangle 1 (funny that they're both monosynths). Iblit, was everything I expected from Synth1, minus the polyphony and arpegiator. In fact whereas I was disappointed with Synth1s sound Iblit has done nothing but exceed my expectations. It's got a very nice character, warm, and big, and very analog sounding. There's no hint of alaising in Iblit, but it is not at the expense of high end frequencies that would make it sound dull, no, Iblit sounds great across the board. On paper there's nothing about Iblit that's going to have you jumping for joy, but Iblit's charm is its sound, do not pass up on this one.
Reviewed By MODDUS [read all by] on 18th December 2002
Version reviewed: Full on Windows
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In one word : FREAKY
This synth let you re-create those old school analog sonuds.
It can do fat basses as strong lead.
Well designed 3 osc and lot of parameters(3 cutoff control on the global sound),a very good velocity effect.
* It's monophonic:it may be strange but it give you a special tainted sound and ability to have the same style'sounding as 80's music gears.
Best it's the only synth I've found that could EXACTLY recreate RB-338 sounds.
* Good numbers of parameters for automation (work well in fruity)
* lots of very good presets
Some problems to move osc waveform knob....That's maybe all.

Conclusion:A must to have if you want punchee basses with warm and fat sounding; this synth will bring you back in the 80's
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on 15th December 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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This is a great sinth:all the goodies here:
three oscillators+noise,a gorgeous portamento effect,24db filter with resonance(remember MiniMoog?)
and perhaps the best GUI I have seen in a free VSTi
(satin alluminium,wow!),but,above all,a tremendous sound,with devastating basses and sweeping leads at your fingers!!!
With a little job on the (poor)presets,and you'll obtain great,powerful sounds!Very good.

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17 January 2014 at 5:40pm

Now you will find it here in my DepositFiles space where I put some freeware (and exclusively freeware) VSTs that have disappeared from the web, their original website being discontinued :


Big Busker
Big Busker
3 March 2016 at 3:27am

Thank you BlackWinny. I just d/l'ed the Andreas Ersson pack! Iblit was recommended to me, and now I can have some fun.

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