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IIEQ Pro by DDMF is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin and an AAX Plugin.
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IIEQPro is a 24-band fully parametric track EQ with a huge choice filter types per band: analog peak, digital peak, notch, low and high pass with 12 and 24 dB per octave, two band pass filters, an all pass filter, a low shelf and a high shelf, plus a whole set of Butterworth filters up to 10th order. The filters can be wired in series or in parallel, allowing for even more combinations. The EQ supports true stereo/mid-side equalization. The EQ features a multi-track section, allowing for simultaneous steering of many instances via one common user interface. An FFT frequency analyzer is included. A/B comparison. The GUI is freely resizable.

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.50 from 4 reviews

Reviewed By dissofiddle [all]
May 26th, 2020
Version reviewed: 3.4.9 on Windows

My favorite Digital EQ so far !

It's my go to digital EQ. I use it mainly for surgical EQ (tame resonances/noise in a track or surgically.

correct the mix) and sometimes for tone shaping (Only when I wanna be quick. Otherwise, my taste is to 4 bands analog EQ with no graphical display and rely on my ears only).

There are 2 main reasons I love it :

1°) High quality with low CPU usage : Better than basic daw EQ (soft sounding in the high frequency) with less CPU usage than most external Digital EQ. I found that only Fabfilter Pro-Q beats it when considering quality over CPU usage. This EQ cost less than 50 bucks ! that's amazing.

2°) ease of use : Click to create a band and depending where you click the nature of the band is different (in the lows or high, you got a filter, in the medium you got a bell, and in between a shelf).

Other than this : stereo operation, mid-side, AB and serial/parallel processing ! There is also a feature that allows to control all the instances of IIEQ from a window. It can be convenient for quick mixing, but be careful not to mix with your eyes .

There only downside for me is the stability of the graphical interface, that can be buggy on some daws/software (doesn't work on maschine, works pretty well in reaper) or laggy (multi-window feature can become laggy with a lot of instances)....But at that price I still rate it 5 stars .

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Reviewed By komoro [all]
September 15th, 2019
Version reviewed: 3.4.0 on Windows

The IIEQ has a M/S EQ with Analyser for each - the Mid and the Side. You can visualize and work with them both in one Window. That is a feature I haven't seen before and might be useful for Mastering, although it is recommended as a track-EQ. The Sound of the EQ is fantastic and you get a good workflow. Negative is the point that (in Reason10) the presets load not until you move a knob on the EQ. But it works and doesn't need much ressources of the CPU.

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Reviewed By FarleyCZ [all]
February 28th, 2012
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows

Budget musicians life is kinda tough. I try to fit into the "you can make good song with cheap things" category as much I can, but truth is, It's not always like that. There are dozens of free or cheap plugins that do the job, even plugins inside your DAW do the job quite well, but good mix is all about fine tuning. About that little nuances. About those tiny detials that makes end results amazing.

That brings some problems... For example in definition of "what is good". When you've got $$$, then you try some real gear emulation by Softtube, Waves. Sound Toys or such, make a choice and live forever after. If you've got less money, you concetrate on "do it all" variants like things by DMG audio. (Would LOVE to have those. :/) But if you're even more pathetic, like me ... you need pretty much miracle to tune your mixes good.

Equalizers create big part of overall sound of the mix as they're most important device you use. Problem is that when you use just one for every track, your mix gets certain flavour characteristic to particular EQ. You can call up few freeones, but out of Melda and VOS teritory, not much of them will bring smile on your face. So where to next?

...exactly here! :) This dev pretty much perform the miracle you need. IIEQ is famous for being cheap, but amazingly smooth and it's absolutely true. Everything with IIEQ on it sounds a little bit nicer, slicker. Somehow it preserves low mids really well. ...and becouse this area is responsible for warmnes, you get really nice warm cuts.

Featurwise amazing too. Classic filters sound great and it also features bunch of Butterworth filters that I've met during my electrotechnic highschool, but am not sure about their benefits in music production. But just from listening, they sound really clean. Great for hihats sometimes.

Some bad sides? Well GUI could be bit more precise. But that's nothing compared to what you get fo your 30 bucks.

I compared it directly to demo of Equality. And yes, Equality is still a bigger beast. But soundwise, they both brings good qualitty to your recording. Slightly different but both good. Point is that with this pricetag you won't be ashamed to call back some DAW or free EQ when mix needs some other flavour. ...and if on budget, you'll be able to afford it! :)

I'm tired of giving tens, wanted to find something and give this 9, but I just can't. For that price, I just can't....

Conclusion? Go to watch 3 or 4 episodes of Pensado's Place. I'll guarantee you, if on budget, you'll get back with "I'll never be able to afford gear for those great mixes" depression. .... in this state, IIEQ is really "thank you, god!" kind of plugin. :)

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Reviewed By tibah [all]
December 11th, 2010
Version reviewed: 2.1 on Windows

In the need for a good parametric EQ with analyser I bought IIEQPro and I'm very happy with this purchase. Since I own it I also deal a lot more and better with Equalizers and I feel my overall sound improved because of that. Either to make space while filtering off unwanted frequencies or as a sound-shaping tool.

The interface is easy to understand and doesn't fill up that much space on the screen.

The IIEQPro sounds very smooth and thanks to both, analogue and digital sounding peaks, you can go for your preferred type. I also used this as a filter in one of my latest tracks and I'm really happy with the results.

You got 10 bands, 12 different filter types and an analyser. Also you can decide to either have the different points working in series or in parallel which can lead to interesting results.

It comes with a PDF manual which covers the basic functions, but most of the things are done so easy that reading the manual is not a need.

Some general presets like all points activated or presets for different purposes to get you started.

I had a few questions and got a quick supply from the support, so you feel there is always somebody to ask that cares for his customers.

VFM - This is where this EQ shines. 20$ for a fully featured EQ that does it all for me and quickly became my go-to EQ. There are some other EQs on the market, also with a little more features but none of them can beat IIEQPro in this category.

I also didn't experienced any crashes, glitches or alike in the time I own it now.

If you're looking for a decent EQ that is fairly priced, I highly recommend to try the demo if IIEQPro. The only thing that could see a little improvement and the only negative aspect I could find is, that the analyser could have a smoother respond and should also stay activated when you close and reopen IIEQPro.

EDIT: Version 2.1.1. improves the analyser respond a lot, which just came out a few days after this review.
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30 April 2013 at 1:43pm

I agree with the reviewers here: this is a great EQ, not just for the price but overall. Is very easy-to-use, "sounds" better than pretty much every other EQ I've ever used, and is actually affordable. All plugins should be $39...

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