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Compressor Plugin by Xfer Records

OTT has an average user rating of 4.50 from 4 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for OTT

Reviewed By pvallejosb [read all by] on 25th March 2021
Version reviewed: 0 on Mac
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Meh... I mean, it's all good but is not near as good as people say it is. It use is too specific and can be achieved with other plugins. I rarely use it but I guess it has its own sound quality.

Reviewed By thecolourbloo [read all by] on 27th February 2020
Version reviewed: 1.21b on Mac
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On paper this is a compressor, but I honestly use it more like an equaliser. This plugin is able to take a 'dull' sound, and instantly make it 'brighter' and clearer in the mix, while also adding some punchiness. This is also in no small part due to the fact that it retains it's ease of use, without sacrificing utility of function. I can't imagine not having this handy dandy utility in my plug-ins library, and it is my opinion that every musician and producer should own this.

Reviewed By Vospi [read all by] on 12th November 2017
Version reviewed: on Windows
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Xfer OTT is an awesome tool for getting any instrument/loop more modern.

OTT is a 3-band compressor that works both upwards and downwards (that is, pulls quite sound up and pushes loud down). It was born out of somewhat famous Ableton compressor preset, but here you can finetune your effect to get just the thing you want. It can be barely visible, but people mainly use it to really pronounce something. Put a low-passed synth with some kind of subtle hi-freqs details in it ... and be blown away by what exactly multiband processing can get you this fast — and yes, for free.

- latency of 2 samples (so no parallel processing without extra gimmicks employed)
- somewhat noticeable CPU hit.

In other regards and if cooked right, it's simply awesome.
Besides getting a job done, it's an extreme fun: feed rather detailed, high-quality, but not "pushed" source to it and watch it transform drastically, in a good way.

A great sculpting utility that can become a to-go tool for modern music producers.
Absolutely recommended.

Reviewed By larslentz [read all by] on 21st February 2017
Version reviewed: 1.x on Windows
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I use this in my master chain and it gives an expanded sound at 25% depth, 100% time, 0/0 gains, High/Med?Low at center, upw/downw 100% each. For a free effect from Xfer, the quality is extremely high. The High/Med/Low meters give a great representation of the levels so these bands can be adjusted as needed. I start with center for my master, but can use this OTT effect in a drum channel, for example, with adjustment of the Low band and get some incredibly deep kick drum sound from it. It really alters the sound if you adjust the depth very high, so I would suggest you put it in early in your development of a track, and keep it in the master chain throughout your process so you can hear what you are getting. Overall, this is a great effect for free from Xfer. There is no direct link on their page, so search it and find it or check here: https://xferrecords.com/freeware/

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