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Reviewed By charlio [all]
March 25th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.35 on Windows

For me this sounds too digital with no character. The FX are not the best but seems many people using it just for the easy interface and the fame that it has. If you need something easy try it, if you are more purist or what something less "digital" try u-he, roland cloud, discodsp, or some arturia plugins.

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Reviewed By RobertSchulz [all]
September 4th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.35 on Windows

New: Xfer updated the interface recently, plus the GUI is resizable now.

About OTT:

The plugin is build after a preset for Ableton Live's multiband compressor, with the intention of giving the same signature sound to producer who use different DAWs than Ableton Live.

Testing both in direct comparison, The sound is very close the original preset, but OTT is actually louder than its idol (+1.3 dB Peak, +0.8 integrated LUFS) and seems (maybe because of that) to have a thicker impression.

But also keep in mind that Ableton's multiband compressor has a lot more features than OTT. So if you use Ableton Live, you probably stick better with the actual preset and compressor plugin, because it offers additional features OTT doesn't.

The sound of OTT in general is very high-mid to high frequency attuenated, with a tendency to almost sounding harsh and hardly tame the low end. But which exactly seems to work quite well for certain synth sounds, which led to its major popularity during the 2010's.

'Depth' acts as dry/Wet, 'Time' seems to adjust how fast Attack/Release is working for all bands. 'IN Gain' and 'Out Gain' let you adjust the according volume.

Now what I am missing intensively, especially for such a complex effect (even if it is just a rebuild of a preset), is more explanations or tips about the use, work and relations of its parameters. OTT does not provide any clues or tips to guide and help to get along with it.

Bad. A reason more to better stick with the original, if you have access to it.

Another thing, many people complaining about is the non-linear phase cancelations which occur at the crossovers and led many to completely dig the plugin.

Take a look at the thread in the Xfer forum, where Steve Duda (the developer) gives response to it:

I personally share the same opinion that many other plugins do phase shifting as well and noone is complaing about it there either, but I also think it could give the plugin a better shape and lifespan, if he/they would consider updated 'OTT' in this manner.

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Reviewed By pvallejosb [all]
March 25th, 2021
Version reviewed: 0 on Mac

Meh... I mean, it's all good but is not near as good as people say it is. It use is too specific and can be achieved with other plugins. I rarely use it but I guess it has its own sound quality.

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Reviewed By HGC [all]
December 11th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.308 on Windows

Serum is a great soft synth. I'm not big on sound design yet, so what I do is I get presets, look at how they're made, and learn from there. If you're interested, they also have it on Rent To Own via Splice for $10 a month...definitely worth it.

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Reviewed By john1984 [all]
August 25th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Mac

Great bass sound, fantastic workflow with a lot of flexibility. A great synth and a real joy to use to create music.

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Reviewed By Duncle22 [all]
May 13th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Just got this synth to see what all the hype was about & i'm glad i did. This thing is WICKED!!! One of the best software synths i've ever seen & i've seen loads. Been making music for about 30 years now. As i said Serum is amazing!! It sounds great, there's lots of presets & its not hard to tweak the sounds to make your own. Worth every penny.

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Reviewed By thecolourbloo [all]
February 27th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.21b on Mac

On paper this is a compressor, but I honestly use it more like an equaliser. This plugin is able to take a 'dull' sound, and instantly make it 'brighter' and clearer in the mix, while also adding some punchiness. This is also in no small part due to the fact that it retains it's ease of use, without sacrificing utility of function. I can't imagine not having this handy dandy utility in my plug-ins library, and it is my opinion that every musician and producer should own this.

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Reviewed By Kingsila [all]
October 13th, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.2.3 on Mac

Xfer Nerve is still in the top 5 drum plugins in 2019.

The more you really knuckle down with it the more you realise the power to create some truly awesome and original beats.

Check out this video of a House/Techno preset/expansion pack preview released this month it shows off some really awesome patterns and inspirational ideas, keeping this production tool right up there where it belongs.



Beatport Sounds.


ADSR Sounds.


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