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Plug-in To Standalone by Hermann Seib
Free (Donate if you want to)
SAVIHost by Hermann Seib is an Audio Plugin Host for Windows. It can host VST Plugins and VST 3 Plugins.
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[Image shows SAVIHost with Attack loaded]

SAVIHost is a derivative version of VSTHost that can be used to make any VST Effect or VSTi run like a standalone application.

This offers two major advantages:

  1. Effect or VSTi can be used (tested, checked or tried) easily and directly without the need or search for another host.
  2. Effect or VSTi can be distributed to be tested in a temporary directory without the need of the presence of another host or to search for a dedicated VSTPlugIns-subdirectory. The VSTi-dll can still be used within other hosts like Cubase, Sonar etc. when copied to that host's VSTPlugins-subdirectory.

For use just rename SAVIHost.exe to the corresponding VSTi.dll e.g. if there is abc123.dll rename SAVIHost.exe to abc123.exe and this will run the VSTi.

Separate versions for VST 2, VST Module Architecture, and VST3 are available in 32- and 64-bit versions.

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

Reviewed By Numanoid [all]
September 4th, 2012
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows

It's crazy that SAVI host hasn't got a review yet.

This is one of the best free tools around, like a Swiss Army knife, it's perfect to quickly check out a VST instrument without the need for a DAW, or to use a VST instrument without a DAW.

Here's basically what one needs to do:

1: Download SAVI host
2: Unzip/Unrar downloaded file
3: Place unpacked "SAVI.exe" file in same folder as "X-VST.dll"
4: Rename "SAVI.exe" to exactly the same name as "X-VST.dll", in other words = "X-VST.exe"
5: Double click renamed "X-VST.exe" to start instrument

The programme got lots of features, like recording of perfomances that can be saved as wav files.

MIDI is supported, and have worked well with my interfaces. The latest version of the host allows up to 3 MIDI controllers to be connected at once, so you can for instance use your big 76 key MIDI controller for playing, and add to that a little AKAI mini for knob twiddling (via right-click MIDI learn). Both will work at the same time.

But there is even no need for a MIDI keyboard, in SAVI host one can use the regular computer keyboard as a two octave piano keyboard. This is a programme that just keeps on giving!

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Comments & Discussion for Hermann Seib SAVIHost

Discussion: Active
4 September 2012 at 2:39pm

I agree completely and use the 32 and 64 bit versions all the time. Guilty of ingratitude, this gives me an opportunity to say, "Thank you, Hermann Seib!"

4 September 2012 at 8:43pm

Absolutely - this thing is invaluable and I use it all the time. Three cheers for Hermann Seib!'

7 September 2012 at 4:29pm

For people making / debugging plugins this can be very useful for quick trying-out. Especially when combined with command-line shortcuts!

7 September 2012 at 10:36pm

This is an excellent tool ! Thanks a lot Mr Seib !

9 April 2013 at 1:16pm

I have Savihost running GSI's VB3 organ on my windows XP notebook. I am using a MIDI keyboard and a Korg Nanokontrol as controllers, each plugged into their own usb ports on the notebook. Savihost will only let me use one MIDI controller... is there a way around this??

1 May 2013 at 10:37am

Use a recent version, which allows up to 3 MIDI inputs.

1 May 2013 at 4:54pm

Thanks, I found VSTI Host V1.41. Allows 3 inputs and works perfect..

25 August 2013 at 2:16pm

The KVR field "Price" should be not only "Free" but "Free (donationware)". There is a nag screen at each start.

28 September 2013 at 5:12pm

Pour les francophones, j'ai fait un tutoriel en français ici (for frenchies, I have made a french tutorial here) :

SAVIHost, pour vos VST qui n'ont pas de version exécutable "standalone"
27 January 2018 at 10:44pm

Hey I'm trying to rename savihost to open a Synth program called TX16Wx and the files called TX16Wx AU 2.4.2g so if anyone could let me know what I should rename the savihost file as in order to open the program it'd be much appreciated ! Thanks.

31 May 2020 at 10:10am


Hi have sent some money via paypal last week and an email to Mr Seib (office@hermannseib.com and him@hermannseib.com) in order to ask the removal of the "nag screen" in Savi host does someone know how to contact him using another email please ?
since I did not get any answer yet and I have no access to his forum as it is apparently not possible to register anymore.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers, Eric.

31 May 2020 at 5:57pm

I am answering to my own post... Mr Seib just replied me today, so everything is fine now.
Cheers, eric.

17 July 2020 at 1:11pm

I guess I'm too stupid to set this thing up. I keep getting errors. Like side by side comparison failed.

20 January 2023 at 3:42pm

I just switched from 8.1 to windows 10, now that MS has moved on to 11 and stopped mangling 10 every couple of weeks for no reason, and now I'm getting that error. That wasnt last night on 8.1. Weird.

13 April 2021 at 10:21am

What is the 'modular' version?

8 December 2022 at 1:16pm

I have problems with Dexed 0.9.6 in case of SAVIHost v1.43 (and v1.44 beta) x64 and VSTHost v1.57 (and V1.57 beta) x64.

(1) Problem with SAVIHost:

I copied savihost.exe (extracted from savihost3x64.zip) copied into directory "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3" (i.e. into the installation directory of Dexed.vst3) then renamed it to Dexed.exe, and launched this Dexed.exe. I set "loopMIDI Port 1" (created prior by "loopMIDI v1.0.16 (27)") as "Input Port 1" via "DevicesMIDI..." and "1764 samples (25 b/s)" via "DevicesWave...". (The sample rate was 44100 Hz, and both ports were "MME: Microsoft Sound Mapper). Then I played some sounds by use of the virtual keyboard, and changed Dexed's programs (instruments) randomly - and Dexed seemed to work well, it played the different sounds with the actually selected instruments. Then I sent some MIDI Messages by Cakewalk by Bandlab to "loopMIDI 1"; Dexed produced the appropriate sounds, according to MIDI Note On/Off messages received - except that all the MIDI Program Change messages (C0 xx) were ignored. Finally, when I clicked onto icon of Dexed.exe (i.e. renamed savihost.exe) in the Windows 10 Taskbar on the screen: the main window of Dexed.exe was minimized, but when I clicked onto its icon again, although its main window is restored but crashed immediately. A dialog titled as "Dexed" appered, containing an error message:

Unhandled exception 0xC0000005 at 00000014005BEBA reading from FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

(followed by a list of the recent content of registers).

The situation was ditto for the case of SAVIHost V1.44 beta.

(2) Problem with VSTHost V1.56 x64:

In the second case, I started VTSHost.exe, then loaded Dexed.vst3 via FileNew Plugin.... Dexed.vst3 also seemed to work well at the beginning, i.e. while I played on the virtual keyboard bar, and changed the programs (instruments) and modified some parameters by the knobs on the screen. But when VSTHost received the first MIDI messages through the "loopMIDI Port 1", Dexed does not played any notes anymore. Instead, some extra message lines appeared in the dialog "Info" below the line "Chained as Insert before 1: Engine Output":


Processing is turned off (errors in PlugIn?) ProcessReplacing Exception 0xC0000005 at 000000014007ABF6 reading from 0000000000000000 ...

Stack Trace:


Unfortunately, the situation was the same in case of VSTHost V1.57 beta x64.

Thank you very much, in advance.

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