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Total Bass Module Plugin by Spectrasonics

User Reviews by KVR Members for Trilian

User Reviews of older versions


Reviewed By CadeBryant [all]
May 11th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I recently bought Trilogy and am satisfied. I don't use synth basses all that much; I got Trilogy mainly for its electric and acoustic basses, and these are excellent. I haven't used Yellow Tools Majestic or EWQL Hardcore Bass or any other competing products, so I'm not sure how Trilogy compares to them. But the sound quality definitely blows away any other bass sounds I've used (with the possible exception of some of the basses that came with my copy of Kontakt).

Very usable basses that will add life and realism to your tracks. Admittedly, it is very hard to create a convincing bass line using conventional synth/ROMplers and sequencers. If you do a lot of tracking that includes upright basses, electric basses, etc., and you find that they end up sounding too MIDI-ish and unrealistic, adding Trilogy to your soundware arsenal will definitely help.

My only gripe is that most of them have very little velocity sensitivity, but this can be user-edited. This is a bit of a pain, having to do this for each patch you want to use.
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Reviewed By AnotherBob [all]
March 27th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Trilogy is a one stop bass shop with more bottom than Jennifer Lopez. The sound is professional and full while the selection is varied. This VSTi focuses on three types of bass sounds; electric bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar, and electronic bass synthesizer. A large number of patches are arranged first by these three areas, then broken down further to make it easy to track down just the right sound. The best electronic bass sounds are analog and Trilogy provides a nice array of samples and patches. But while the original instruments are professionally processed and sampled, the resulting patches within Trilogy are a bit static. You do have the ability to program filter and eg’s but you do not have the control of the original synthesizers. Nor do you have control of the wonderful analog filters that were originally samples. Tweaking patches feels about like running a Moog or Oberheim through a digital filter, so I just leave them alone. The acoustic and electric bass guitar patches are also nice, but it can be a bit of work to play fast paced 16th notes. Fast 16th notes can cause problem in some cases. There is a solution, but the solution is more a work around than a way to work. This is my one disappointment for the otherwise top level instrument.

This is the instrument I use for bass as I begin every song. In later stages I may switch to a synth with more control or a more extensive bass sample collection. Even then, it is nice and efficient to have a single bass instrument that I know well and frequently depend on for bottom end.

User Interface - Looks nice but too large.
Sound - Absolutely wonderful.
Features - Few but not really necessary.
Documentation - A pamphlet comes in the box.
Presets - Lots and lots.
Customer Support - Responsive.
Value For The Money - Good considering that this VSTi can be used in almost every song you produce.
Stability - Never crashes my system.

I would buy it again.
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Reviewed By DevonB [all]
January 8th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Everyone's always looking for a good 'bass' sound, and Trilogy delivers that and more in spades! From hard hitting techno basses, to a rich sounding acoustic upright bass, to getting down and nasty with a heavy metal groove with electric basses, the sound is there at your disposal. Here's a little secret that I'll share with you; this is one of the best sounding leads synths available out there. Simply turn off the low pass filters on the synthetic basses, and you'll have more often than not, a nice, ripping lead just waiting for some effects to be bathed in, and bouncing right to the front of your song. The variety is also astounding, and for those of you who think you'd never use the guitar and upright basses, don't be surprised to find yourself proving that fact wrong. I really have a hard time trying to say anything bad about this VSTi though, except maybe the price would turn a few of you off, weighting in around $329 at most places. While I usually have a difficult time finding a good bass, let alone LOTS of good basses, Trilogy is now my 'go to' synth when I need something that stands up in the crowd. This synth just stinks with quality, and I have found no better bass synth around.
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Reviewed By Rabid [all]
December 22nd, 2003
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I find this to be “almost” one of my most useful VSTi’s. I like the concept of having all types of bass sounds available in a single VSTi. It helps that the sound quality and production is so good. The major short fall for me is the lack of LFO to MIDI sync. The importance of this depends on the part I am playing, but in modern VSTi’s the lack of LFO sync is almost inexcusable.

In both Trilogy and Atmosphere it is easy to be overwhelmed by the number of sounds and patches. Learning this instrument takes time and everyone should make a list of favorite patches to use during the first few months.

So where does this VSTi fall when comparing it to other bass sound sources? Even though it is a bit expensive, it is a good value. For someone starting out, or someone wanting an all in one solution this is a great kit. It is not going to replace a collection of good VSTi’s and sample collections dedicated to bass. And many times it is easier to dial up a desired bass sound in The Beast or some other VSTi than find the patch I want in Trilogy. But it does give you a very good collection of samples that are already programmed and processed. Most VA’s cannot compete solically with a good sample of a Moog or Roland. For this reason, a good set of VSTi’s dedicated to bass will also not replace Trilogy.

Sound quality.
Patch quality.
Sample quality, especially samples of analog instruments.
All in one unit for bass.

No LFO sync to MIDI.
Challenge responce copy protection.

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Reviewed By bodsham [all]
June 28th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Trilogy is great but one warning. Some versions of the product shipped with funny pigment on the disks which can make installation difficult if not impossible on some systems. I only discovered this after wasting half a day failing to install Trilogy on my laptop. The distributor confirmed the problem and first suggested I copy the data disks onto new CDs. This didn't work either so I had to post the disks back to him for replacement. That was a week ago. I'm still waiting... it seems they're out of stock.
So if you're having installation problems talk to tech support straight away.
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Reviewed By Mighty_Hero [all]
June 25th, 2003
Version reviewed: current on Windows

As a proud owner of all three products from spectrasonics, my sole gripe is that I didn't get trilogy sooner! I could have used this on all my previous tracks where the bass just didn't sound "right". If you ever find yourself needing a hooky bassline, or a MASSIVE thick lead, trilogy is right for you.
The demos on the site do some great presentations, but to play it is where your instantly sold. Massive collection of sounds, in which 1,000 patches isn't enough for you, you can mix and match patches to your heart's content. The patches already sound ready to go in a mix, but adding effects to them from the likes of amplitube, or just some simple flanger and delay.....and watch out!!!
Value for the money, no question. Imagine having ALOT of the waveforms you always wanted in famous synths most can't afford. Then imagine it is not designed only for basses, so you get leads, acoustic basses, upright, fretless, picks etc etc. Then imagine the smoothest legato you have played......now how much would a hardware synth PACKED like this cost?
I wish we could grab the corners and make the GUI smaller, but it still have the GUI adjust to the new size....not to big a deal though. Grab this when you can, and you'll be posting a review like this as well I promise.
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Reviewed By Greedy Soul [all]
April 29th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.01 on unspecified OS

Having had Stylus for a while and found it more and more useful as time goes by I decided to plump for this one stop bass solution. And I haven't made a bad choice.

The Acoustic and Electric basses are superb, not too extreme in the choice of sounds but running it through Amplitube produced some excellent and authentic sounding bass lines. The use of the True Staccato patches really help in the realism as not only do they sound very realistic by using a couple of samples for the same note but the other layer of string noises really help as well.

On the synth basses there's an enormous variety for many styles, enough to keep anyone happy for years.

The only whinge I have is the documentation. Especially when describing the True Staccato techniques it says its best go to the website and watch the video for a better expanation. There ain't no video there! Installation could have been better expained as well. It's possible to install the 3.1gig of samples to another drive and just install the plugin into your vst plugins folder but it doesn't tell you that anywhere in the manual or installer, this was a feature they pointed out with Stylus.

Summing up I'm really happy with this product, it is the one stop solution I was looking for and VFM when compared to the cost of some of the bass sample libraries out there.
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Reviewed By venice [all]
April 15th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

This is my first purchase from Spectrasonics. I have been waiting for this product for quite a while. The only bad aspect to Trilogy is that it took so long to get...

That said, it is out and available and almost certainly a "must have" for any serious bass tool-box. In particular the acoustic bass is near flawless and is easily a major bonus.

Installation was done on a non-internet connected machine and still went very smoothly.

I think the demos on the spectrasonic site speak for themselves - give 'em a listen and then buy this thing.
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Reviewed By HelgeG [all]
January 31st, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

User Interface:
As with the other Spectrasonics instruments, the user interface is clear and concise, and easy on the eyes. The controls are logically laid out and easy to adjust. The only slight nag is that LFOs are not syncable to host tempo (yet).

Excellent basses, upright, electric and synth varieties. Now I can sound like a bass player at last!

The users guide is a bit thin on explaining how to use the features of the instrument, but I expect there will be a PDF update from Spectrasonics (the title of the manual is "Preliminary Users Guide").

I am not a bass player, but the included sounds are amazing to my ears (all 3.1 GB of them). The synth basses are excellent, and completely usable as leads in addition to basses.

Customer support:
I have not had any reason to call customer support for any of my three Spectrasonics instruments, but from what I see on the forums here and the Spectrasonics group on yahoogroups, they are extremely responsive in that area. Eric Persing is a frequent poster both places.

Value for money:
Considering the quality and quantity of the sounds supplied, this synth gives excellent value for money.

Given the short amount of time I have had this synth giving a long term description of stability is hard. So far I have had no problems whatsoever (I am on WinXP using Logic 5.5 as a host). Judging from their other instruments, this one should be rock solid as well.

[Added March 28, 2003:]
This baby is stable! I have had no problems since I installed it.
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