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Reviewed By Mighty_Hero [read all by] on June 25th, 2003
Version reviewed: current on Windows
Pentagon is still to me the best from rgc audio. From a programming stance, this synth is a programmers dream come true! I really don't like big gui's so I scored it a little lower here, especially for a new person to vst's trying to figure out what does what. Now there are other skins around, which you can have a more custom look to your tastes.
As far as sound content goes, the presets are nice and sound good in a mix....but programming it, is to me, alot more fun! With built in effects and cabinets (limited) as well, you get a great synth for your hard earned money. Stable as one could hope for, and support is top notch as well.
Grab the demo and also the free synth's they offer, have a go with them, and you will be surely wanting to grab pentagon.
Reviewed By Mighty_Hero [read all by] on June 25th, 2003
Version reviewed: current on Windows.
Last edited by Mighty_Hero on 25th June 2003.
As a proud owner of all three products from spectrasonics, my sole gripe is that I didn't get trilogy sooner! I could have used this on all my previous tracks where the bass just didn't sound "right". If you ever find yourself needing a hooky bassline, or a MASSIVE thick lead, trilogy is right for you.
The demos on the site do some great presentations, but to play it is where your instantly sold. Massive collection of sounds, in which 1,000 patches isn't enough for you, you can mix and match patches to your heart's content. The patches already sound ready to go in a mix, but adding effects to them from the likes of amplitube, or just some simple flanger and delay.....and watch out!!!
Value for the money, no question. Imagine having ALOT of the waveforms you always wanted in famous synths most can't afford. Then imagine it is not designed only for basses, so you get leads, acoustic basses, upright, fretless, picks etc etc. Then imagine the smoothest legato you have played......now how much would a hardware synth PACKED like this cost?
I wish we could grab the corners and make the GUI smaller, but it still have the GUI adjust to the new size....not to big a deal though. Grab this when you can, and you'll be posting a review like this as well I promise.
Reviewed By Mighty_Hero [read all by] on June 25th, 2003
Version reviewed: current on Windows
Albino is a great instrument. It is mostly for dance,trip hop,idm,trance, techno tracks (based on presets) but is not limited by any means. The programming is not to hard, provided you are somewhat familiar with programming sounds.
I really enjoy the filters on this synth! I feel the interface could be ALOT smaller, but this is more a cosmetic "issue" and not with the synth itself. Customer service is good, check their forums. Value for the money, is high if you desire a different synth from the rest. I think the presets are very good, only some are very close to other patches. But you can also get 75 more two different ways, so there is plenty to get you off and jamming for now!.
Overall, Albino is a great affordable synth for making great tunes, and it sits nicely in a mix.
Reviewed By Mighty_Hero [read all by] on February 5th, 2003
Version reviewed: 3.0 on Windows
First off, I tried the 52 demo around 6 months ago, and I was not all that impressed simply for the fact, the old style GUI had switches and the presets were a little above par,but once you understand a little about synth programming, and or, find some of the better patches available: whole different ballgame.
This synth is a pretty good replication of the prophet-5 synth, that was used ALOT back in the day.
the GUI makes sense if you read the manual and have some knowledge of programming, whether it be from other synths, or from reading.
The presets for the most part are great, but some sound weak, thin, and some, just plain weird (bleeps and wind type sounds).......but because of these other oddity sounds, this should show you, this synth is capable of making ALL types of sounds/instruments....from pads, to nasty leads, to a taser gun sound, sounding like it came from a toy gun.
Overall, for all the patches you get, the free update from 52/53, the additional patches around, and for the pretty damn close replication of the prophet type sounds.......it is a great value for the money....espically when considering, this is JUST the type of synth to make your own sounds with.
Not sure about the support, since I have had no problems at all registering this synth, downloading things for it, and or had any crashes. But for this, I would have to say their support is good, because I have not needed it at all.
Pro 53 has other really nice features such as the analog dial, which the more you turn it, makes this synth sound less digital and other nice options like saving patches as all files, or just single banks.......and for the fact you can make great sounds with it very quickly. Worth every penny.
Reviewed By Mighty_Hero [read all by] on December 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: current on Windows
Atmosphere is a real amazing package...I think for the million plus combinations you can have just with presets alone, then you can make your own and save them.....it is worth every penny!..I have a real keyboard that cost twice as much as this package did, but atmosphere would have to be about 10 of my keyboards in sound.
The GUI is straight forward, but the rack mount bars could be removed. the right out of the box sounds are out of this world.....I made a demo track in about 15 minutes.
there website pretty much says it all, the demos do it some justice, but atmosphere should be on everybody's arsenal list!
Reviewed By Mighty_Hero [read all by] on November 23rd, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows
seriously the only "complaint" I have is, the red GUI.
this is all!.....the layout, is VERY easy to understand.
the patches alone sound as real as you could ever want/need, because of the way they were sampled FROM real instruments...but then you throw in all the effects you can change/add........oh mama!!!!
this plug-in, is the very first one I go to when I start a project.
You might find yourself just playing for hours live, and actually not completing any tracks...lol
for the money, the presets you get, and more importantly, instant realistic sounds.........its worth every penny.
Reviewed By Mighty_Hero [read all by] on November 23rd, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.03 on Windows
Stylus is very easy to use, the automation you can do on each "slice" of the main beat is amazing, especially since, you just load the midi file, the c.g. version of the loop, turn on zone edit, and tweak away.
I have used stylus in new age type tracks, all the way to dance, to hip hip.
then you throw in no license worries, they are going to update stylus, the customer service is very good....etc etc etc.
and on a 667 with enough RAM, you barely even notice your using it.