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Wavetable Synth Plugin by Full Bucket Music

WhispAir has an average user rating of 4.80 from 5 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for WhispAir

Reviewed By Megawattt [read all by] on June 4th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on Windows

In my opinion, all VST developers are heroes because if it was not for these people of deep technical knowledge and hard work, all of us music producers would not have certian tools to do our smithing with, one of the heroes i am highlighting here is Björn of Full Bucket Music and one of his great designs - WhispAir, i cannot beleive that this is free! 3 hard syncable Oscillators with multiple waveforms to choose from (And you can load your own wavetables), 24db (Especially high pass) filtering for the sub bass addict (Like myself) all coded in C++ making the tiniest footprint on my cpu, this is one tight synth!, it gave me great pleasure to give a donation to Full Bucket Music because i don't want these sort of vst's to stop coming forth from a gifted, natural talent.If the KVR rating system went up to 10 stars WhispAir would be the full 10 stars from me.

Reviewed By qazar39 [read all by] on December 23rd, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.06 on Mac.
Last edited by qazar39 on 23rd December 2021.

Full Bucket Music make very good free plugins, and this is one of their best. Congratulation.

A must have .

Reviewed By komoro [read all by] on December 14th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0.6 on Windows

I tried this one recently and was surprised of the many unusual features and the great chorus effect. Sounds very good and I like the own character of it. Loading wavetables is very easy and especially the easy-to-find tables for the Waldorf Blofeld are perfect matching with the WhispAir and make it very versatile. Good one.

Reviewed By digitalboytn [read all by] on July 7th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows.
Last edited by digitalboytn on 8th July 2021.

This is a really well designed synth....

Everything is laid out on one page so it's easy to drive once you get familiar with the setup...

There are lots of modulation options that bring a range of dynamics into play and help to give real character to the voices and the ability to load your own wavetables is a powerful feature...

One of the things I like about Bjorn's synths is that they have a slightly "raw" sound and this is a positive thing when it comes to the mix...

I got lost for a few hours playing with WhispAir and then used it in a track and it was all good...

Tightly coded with a small install size, a powerful sound and a resizable GUI, what's not to like ?

Thanks Bjorn....this one's a winner....

Reviewed By ttsakonas [read all by] on July 3rd, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Windows

I played yesterday with WhispAir, and it is a very capable synth, mainly because all functions are on screen. So it is very intuitive and straightforward, recommended for a newcomer to wavetable synthesis. Although it ships with a limited number of wavetables, the ability to load custom ones takes it to the next level, almost in par with Pro synths (or even better, as f.ex. some commercial wavetable synths do not import custom wavetables). To my impression, the synth could have benefitted significantly by the existence of a second filter and/or a richer collection of filters (e.g. notch), but I understand that the developer aimed to keep things simple, closely resembling to what a hardware wavetable synth of $300-$400 would have offered. In general, WhispAir is a very decent synth, covering an area which had no similar ones (that of a hands-on wavetable synth, without blows and whistles), from the user perspective seen as kind of a hybrid between Odin2 and Vital, keeping good features from each of them, thus addressing the new user (who would likely opt for a freebie, but wouldn't feel comfortable with all the details in Vital, but looking for more than what Odin2 offers), while being much easier to learn (and focused for that reason) than equivalent commercial ones. The chorus fx that it comes with is very powerful, and in my testing I tried the synth with my preferred delay and reverb inserts, which complete, to my taste, adding character to the synth patches. An EQ before the rest effects was also added, which is another feature I'd like to see as a built-in fx in this synth, in a future version (the first feature being a bigger filter section). Overall, I would like to see it going well in the competition of the KVR, so as the developer gets compensated for their effort on this great synth idea. For me, it is a quick-and-easy sound setup synth, so it is definitely a keeper.

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Comments & Discussion for Full Bucket Music WhispAir

Discussion: Active



10 July 2021 at 2:38am

"Blofeld Wavetable Creator" wavetable output (.syx) is readable by WhispAir. http://lady.rdsor.ro/~kotro/index.php?m=soft#blofeldwavetable

19 February 2023 at 6:29am

Awesome! Thank you.

17 July 2021 at 10:43pm

I download 40 Blofeld Facebook syx wavetables, but how do I install? The files are syx, but WhispAir only recognise .fxb. I tried to rename it, but it didn't work. Any tip?

26 July 2021 at 11:01am

Got it. Thank you.

28 July 2021 at 11:26am

my pleasure.

11 August 2021 at 5:38pm

just in case.

The UI does not respond in M1/Big Sur, and it seems the case for all other plugin made by full bucket music ...hope thy're will be an update.

Full Bucket
Full Bucket
11 August 2021 at 5:47pm

Well, I just uploaded the "METAL" version which fixes that problem.

11 August 2021 at 5:50pm

do you ? ...thanks for responding so quickly ...and congratulations !!!!.


Full Bucket
Full Bucket
11 August 2021 at 6:02pm

I'll update the other plug-ins as soon as I can. :).

11 August 2021 at 6:07pm

that's wonderful ...just take all the time you'll need for it and again, congratulation for winning the contest .

14 February 2022 at 4:52pm

This plugin doesn't have an inbuilt patch librarian. I use Cubase and I've not yet understood how to save and load my own patches in a plugin like this. Can someone explain, please?

17 February 2022 at 6:18pm

Hi Airlane1979, .

in the manual, page 8, there's written the "Control Section". There you find the "Menu"-Button with Load/Save functions for your own Patches.

I hope that will help you:).

Have a great day.


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