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Reviewed By qazar39
December 23rd, 2021

Full Bucket Music make very good free plugins, and this is one of their best. Congratulation.

A must have .

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Reviewed By komoro
December 14th, 2021

I tried this one recently and was surprised of the many unusual features and the great chorus effect. Sounds very good and I like the own character of it. Loading wavetables is very easy and especially the easy-to-find tables for the Waldorf Blofeld are perfect matching with the WhispAir and make it very versatile. Good one.

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Reviewed By kraftraum
December 11th, 2021

Hello everyone in the world, .

after accompanying the beta test of the FB7999, I actually wanted to quickly make an evaluation for it. But sometimes things turn out differently. That's why the review comes from me now.

Why do I give the synthesizer 5 stars?

1. The user interface
Björn has the great ability to adapt the operation of the emulations to the existing hardware operation. That is also the case here. I find my way around very quickly and can create sounds for myself in no time.

The only downer is the lack of a sequencer, but hey: that would be complaining at a high level for me because everyone can create sequences in their DAW with ease if they want: P.

A tip for the DW-6000 / DW-8000 hardware owners: the values do NOT have to be changed with the parameter controller;).

2. Haptic
Haptic in software synthesizers? Oh yes, for me the decisive factor with Haptic is whether all parameters are clearly structured, whether I can reach them quickly with my controllers and thus work well in my flow without any misalignments.
This works excellently here because all parameters can be found on one page.

3. Sound
For many DW-6000 / DW-8000 enthusiasts, it is certainly crucial how close the sound comes to the hardware. And I feel the sounds are super close compared to my test samples (I don't have the hardware).

For me it is more important: how does the synth sound? Is it assertive and can I use it to create all sounds, from bass sounds to drums, FX to pads?

For me everything is very suitable: both synthesizers work extremely well, from PADs to bass sounds to crazy sounds from me;) The only drawback for me: the drum sounds are a bit more difficult to create. Here's a tip: just add a compressor to the mixer channel and set the gain to +3 DB (or so).

The 16 waveforms are great for sound tinkering. And the tweak with the pseudo-stereo improves the sound considerably.

4. CPU load
As with all Björn synthesizers, I'm always pleasantly surprised: the CPU load on my computer is totally negligible, downright ridiculous. No spikes, no surprise when calling up unison mode with all 64 voices. Perfect.

5. Extras
I know Björn and love the intelligent, well thought-out extensions that he also donates as "extras". It's the same here again: SYSEX importer / exporter, the DW-6000/8000 waveforms, the pseudo-stereo tweak, the extended waveforms of the DW-6000 ...

Where do you get 2 Emulations in One? Yes, by Fullbucket :).

As a beta tester, I appreciate the meticulous work done by Björn / Fullbucket. Personally, I'm always fascinated by Björn's great synthesizers, which he shares with everyone for free. I have enormous respect for his projects in his free time.

If you want to hear more of the sonic possibilities of the synthesizer, listen to my demo track on Soundcloud:

I created all the presets from scratch with the synth, with the only exception: the vocoder voices. The presets for this track, as well as other bonus presets, are available exclusively by Björn at

You can find more presets right here under the downloads (which I provide today).

Thank you Björn.

Greetings out of the Kraftraum

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The qyooo
Reviewed By gwenmollo
October 31st, 2021

Nice free synth by a very good synth producer fullbucket.de.

You must see the others too, it's very good.

Now in 64-bitd.

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Reviewed By gwenmollo
October 31st, 2021

amazing free synth with a 80's touch.

Great interface, great sound, nice presets, low CPU usage..

I use in a few of my tracks.

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Grain Strain
Reviewed By Vortex1212
July 27th, 2021

Very interesting and quirky sound design tool. Its feature set is a little confusing at first to anyone familiar with granular effects, but after you kinda wrap your head around it (The youtube video on Björn Arlt's own channel really helped me out there) it reveals itself to be a very unique and intriguing box of tricks. What this thing won't do, however, is be your standard granular effect, for that, it'd be wise for you to keep moving on through your journey, though maybe you should grab this thing along the way, (it's free, after all).

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Grain Strain
Reviewed By psyfin
July 27th, 2021

It's good for what it does. Also uselful in an effect chain along with a multieffect processor like tantra.

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Reviewed By digitalboytn
July 7th, 2021

This is a really well designed synth....

Everything is laid out on one page so it's easy to drive once you get familiar with the setup...

There are lots of modulation options that bring a range of dynamics into play and help to give real character to the voices and the ability to load your own wavetables is a powerful feature...

One of the things I like about Bjorn's synths is that they have a slightly "raw" sound and this is a positive thing when it comes to the mix...

I got lost for a few hours playing with WhispAir and then used it in a track and it was all good...

Tightly coded with a small install size, a powerful sound and a resizable GUI, what's not to like ?

Thanks Bjorn....this one's a winner....

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