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Reviewed By shogger [read all by] on November 26th, 2007
Version reviewed: recent on Windows
This EQ is the opposite of a colour EQ. It is clean. Cleaner than most other eqs. And that is it what I love it for. It is precise, it can do various things because of the available filters. This is a no blabla package with a tweakable GUI.
It has lots of convenience funtions like numeric value input, reset and even something uber-cool like the swapping of bands. This way you can sort your frequerncies in case you decided later to e.g. add a lower frequency eq on one of the upper bands. This way you can sort your frequencies after equing. Something I wished for a long time in such an eq interface.
All in all a very useful and good sounding eq which is easy to use and is easy on the CPU. And it's free. What more do you want?

OK, more characters are required now. So I will tell you that this eq works for me on all sort of signals. I use it on everything. I use it as my one and only eq. I use it for several months now. Back then when Christian Budde wrote this plugin for a comparisson of int vs. float stuff I thought that this is a very good sounding eq but because Christian said that it should only be used for this exact purpose I refused to get used to it. No fun if you really want something and can't use it. And then Christian was so cool to give it away for free with the funny name "NoNameEQ". And he even made bugfix updates and lately a really cool update with some convenience freatures added.
Really Cool, Christian. Thanx a lot for this great EQ!!!
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