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Reviewed By AudioGuy720 [read all by] on 22nd September 2012
Version reviewed: XP on Windows.
Last edited by AudioGuy720 on 22nd September 2012.
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Interesting that yet another plug-in that is talked about wildly in the KVR Effects forum has zero reviews.

I'll just make it simple. EQuality sounds great, it's flexible and it's easy to use. It's pretty much every thing you could ask for in a software equalizer. You won't be disappointed just try it!

Oh...I have to use at least 500 characters? OK...here goes:

EQuality features 5 EQ types. "Digital" to analog to Linear Phase options are available. Variable slope (6dB to 48 dB) high and low pass filters. Low shelf, 4 parametric, and a high shelf filter as well.

The spectrum analyzer makes using this a breeze. There are tons of settings to change things up including K-system metering. If you're looking for a clean EQ this is a great option. Combine this with a nice "character EQ" plug-in for boosts and you're good to go.

The reason I gave the plug-in an 8 is because the minimum and analog phase modes aren't analog-spunding enough for my tastes. That and I wish the GUI was larger/expandable to accomodate big resolutions. Spectrum analyzers are easier to use with larger windowed plug-ins. Other than that I love this software!

Reviewed By AudioGuy720 [read all by] on 12th March 2012
Version reviewed: XP/Vista on Windows.
Last edited by AudioGuy720 on 12th March 2012.
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Really this plug-in has ZERO reviews? It was just voted as the best free EQ plug-in so far in 2012 at http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=339180 .

This plug-in features 64-bit floating point processing, 3 EQ bands, high and low pass filters and a "preamp stage". It reminds me a lot of what a Pultec-type plug in can do, limiting you to two shelving filters with coarse selectable frequencies and a mid-band filter with a fine selectable frequencies (150 Hz to 4 kHz) and a high Q (bandwidth) toggle.

SonEQ, according to its manual models "A550 y PulEQP". I believe this was a translation error and it means that, from what I gathered researching this plug-in, the low shelf models a Pultec EQP-1A and the high shelf models an API 550 equalizer. The low shelf has both boost and attenuation, just like a Pultec.

The preamp/drive control simulates analog tube distortion. You control the amount of saturation with the input/output controls. The preamp circuit is post-EQ and it can be disabled with the on/off toggle switch.

There is also a "WOOW" control. It enables an all-pass filter which you can read more about here: http://www.uaudio.com/blog/allpass-filters/ There is also a "Drive" knob available.

Unfortunately the fine frequencies cannot be typed in however a control-click drag results in precision control for exact numbers.

This plug-in works particular well on bass guitar, snare and kick drums. It is a great addition to any plug-in collection because it gets results. It has a good analog quality to it in that you can push it hard and it still sounds really good! I'm surprised it's free! The manual is also rather well-written (although the English translation is a little off here and there) and I definitely recommend reading it, especially for it's preamp level suggestions. So grab it while you still can.

Reviewed By AudioGuy720 [read all by] on 27th February 2012
Version reviewed: Vista/XP on Windows.
Last edited by AudioGuy720 on 27th February 2012.
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Tried it for a half hour and bought it soon after. Considering the amount of buzz on the forums here at KVR I'm surprised there's only 1 other review for this. You know what I think it is? People want to stay hush hush about it because it's their "secret weapon".

And if it were a real weapon it'd be an atomic bomb!

The Glue is a hybrid of the buss compressor found on Solid State Logic 4000 G and 4000 E consoles. These consoles go for around $30,000+ used and eat up your electric. The G buss is famous for "gluing" tracks together, hence the name of this plug-in (to avoid legal issues).

This plug-in sounds fantastic for its original purpose...evening out peaks on the 2-bus. For this I use gentle settings but it doesn't sound to shabby when used for parallel compressing drum busses or acoustic guitars, especially with oversampling on. The wet/dry mix knob makes doing the "NYC compression trick" very easy.

What surprised me most is how affordable the plug-in is for what it can do. But that can be owed to the fact that you will likely never see The Glue advertised in major publications. The savings are passed on to us and the way people hear about this processor is word of mouth. It's worth way more than its price tag but I thank the developer for not forcing me to break the bank!

I demoed Waves G buss plugin and wasn't ecstatic about it. It tended to weigh down my master track as opposed to "glue it together". Which was a disappointment considering their SSL EQ strips were fantastic. The Glue completes the collection and couple those with Slate Digital's Virtual Console Collection and you've spent less than $1,000 to virtually get the classic sound of an SSL desk inside your DAW!