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AudioRealism Bass Line 2 (ABL2)

Reviewed By markkooper [all]
September 21st, 2009
Version reviewed: 2 on Mac

I love this 303 emulation. It nearly captures the bite and grittiness of the original that everything else i have experienced has lacked.
The basic waveforms of the original TB-303 always possessed something different and very special in it's basslines and this has worked really well in replicating that.
I personally don't use the Pattern Sequence thing, but you could if you wanted and it works well and sounds very like the original.
I use for Electro music, it offers instant inspiration.
Not very good for general synth use, but you will come back to it very often if you are into that kind of thing.
Excellent purchase, looking into getting Pro for that those extra synthesis options.
Sounds great when paired with your TR-808 or TR-909 samples and you're away creating the great retro sound that you'll remember from years back.
The main selling point of this is the sound and it is the best emulation I have yet had the pleasure to experience.
I use this more or less on its own and it still cuts through the mix. Just like the original!

Great value for money and works really well when used as Ableton Clips.
Extremely stable and great to use if set on loop for Live. Best emulation I've seen.
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PSP EasyVerb

Reviewed By markkooper [all]
September 21st, 2009
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Mac

I am personally a big fan of PSP Audioware and this is an absolutely brilliant reverb and definite MUST HAVE!
Reverbs are a tricky subject, and are notoriously difficult to learn at the very first glance, but this, is in it's simplicity, is almost perfect.

I use this reverb a lot for opening up synth leads and with its ease of use means I can throw it onto the track and get the results I want in an instant.
It works by inputting the acoustic sound space 'model' then having two main knobs of time and damp, and also a wet/dry knob. Although admittedly the acoustic spaces are not that accurate to what they are modeled on, but they are nonetheless good quality and can suit almost any material.

It has this unique ability to open up guitars and vocals without sounding 'metallic' or 'fake' like on some of the other reverbs I have heard before and the plate and spring algorithms are beautifully vintage sounding.
I personally am no expert in pre-delay and diffusion characteristics so naturally I chose this and I was not disappointed one bit.

It is also extremely small in size which has HUGE advantages over convolution reverb which requires huge amounts of IR files so its quick and detailed and changing through presets causes no delay or glitching.
Easy to use, beautiful trails and extremely efficient CPU usage even when thrown onto 4 simultaneous guitar parts, vocals, 5 backing vocalists, synth lead, snare and synth drums.
For this price it is so very nearly perfect.

The only gripe I have with it, would be that I would have preferred a few more algorithms and perhaps another EQ knob for a truly gorgeous vintage sound but otherwise genuinely brilliant.
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