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Reviewed By Memorex [all]
June 21st, 2004
Version reviewed: 3.0.2 on Windows

I want to second everything pljones said previously, and add a few remarks. I purchased version 2.0, found a couple of soundfonts that did not play correctly, posted them on my website and sent Bismark's author the links, and he downloaded them and corrected the problem, resulting in v2.0.1. I found a couple more that had problems, and v2.0.2 is the result. The author is trying hard to perfect this player, and is very receptive to constructive input.

I have an SBLive, and in my opinion, the only other soundfont player that renders some soundfonts a little more accurately than Bismark is sfz (or sfz+). But I tried sfz and it required more CPU than my system could handle at very low latencies. Bismark, on the other hand, sounds very nearly as good, and consumes less than half the CPU on my system. It also has continuously varible MIDI dynamic response, which I find more useful than the set of fixed dynamic curves provided by sfz.

It did not come with any presets, but it did allow me set up a fairly complex set of instruments from my own sounfont library and routings in Sonar, and they save and reload just fine as part of the song.

Because I have a huge soundfont library and only one SBLive, I am finding this VSTi to be one of the most useful virtual instruments in my studio.

I just wanted to add that I have recently received a free upgrade to v3.0.2 from Bismark and I am very pleased. If anything, this new version is even easier on CPU, certainly no higher than before. The new included chorus and reverb, while not spectacular, are quite usable, and pretty easy on CPU as well. Overall, it sounds better, and some sf2's that did not sound exactly right under v2.0.3 seem to work fine now. So, this plug keeps getting better and better.
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