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Symphonic Destruction

Reviewed By Lu J [all]
October 13th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Mac

Absolutely had to get this thing on day one and I've been playing with it all day. I've never had so much fun with a sample library. As a Damage 2 owner, I got the extra $50 off. $249 for this thing was a steal. I would say $449 is a fair regular price for it.

There's so much grit, power, and raw sound in everything. It's so easy to get a huge braam or a pretty, swelling pad. It's easy to locate sound sources - every sound even has its own description. And, as with everything heavyocity, it's so easy to push and tweak every sound to get it really close to the exact sound you want - especially if what you want is huge and aggressive.

I don't own Novo, Forzo, or Vento so I hadn't used the Designer UI before. But it was extremely straightforward. It's easy to see which parameters you can modulate in each screen. I love being able to control how much the main "macro control" knob affects each section of parameters.

I almost can't imagine not using SD in everything I make. It's so versatile. It may be my new go-to for creating pads.

Favorite things:

- All the sounds (dozens of good ones that I will be using).

- So easy to find, craft, and combine sounds.

- The macro control knob is so simple but powerful and just fun.

- Good ol' Punish and Twist deserve a mention. They're epic as ever.

Only gripes:

- There are lots of sounds, but I wish there were more, especially orchestral sounds (or imagine a choir in here?? .. Heaven). I would have gladly paid more than twice as much for more content. Hoping for expansions.

- It appears you can't modulate Punish/Twist with the macro control knob.

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