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Introducing: The GOTO Vintage Bass Library for the Korg Polysix Legacy.

For synth bass, its hard to beat the old classics.
Nothing drives a mix the same way that some of the hardware synths could.
The bass sounds heard in Funk are still some of the best synth bass sounds ever made.
Having worked in the studio with members of Parliament Funkadelic, The Dazz band and many Funk innovators,
two synths stood out for Funky bass, The Mini Moog and the Korg Polysix.
When the Polysix came out it became an immediate "goto" synth for Funk Bass.
You could really drive the mix and get some seriously fat, rich and warm classic analog bass from it.

With the "GOTO Vintage Bass Library" I wanted to capture those classic bass presets and Arps in one complete soundset.

The soundset includes a large variety of classic bass presets and Arps in 2 complete sound banks for the Korg Polysix Legacy soft synth.