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KX77FREE - Funky special thanks to Jeff - jBridge 64-bit

This track is also available on my url in 24-bit/48k WMA (compatible with VLC):

A lot of people, musicians, hobbyist devs should be happy with Synthedit but some of them prefer to see the negative points about that Jeff doesn't finish to transpose his baby to Apple and to the 64-bit but waiting we can use SE vsts with jBridge. That works!
SE1.2 can done VST3 in 64-bit and compatible with OS X but it is in development and actually it has limits of its GUI features but step by step Jeff debugs SE 1.2. This is why some devs like me prefer to wait a little to provide some VST3 in 64-bit but the best way to help Jeff is to test his alpha 1.2 or simply to send him a support for his hard work.


http://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge (20$ only)

I done this track on my usual PC on Vista 32-bit and I imported the *.cpr file to a laptop with Seven 64-bit, to play my Cubase session with Cubase Element 6 64-bit.
I just need to run Cubase in administrator mode after that I created a jBridge database based on my usual 32-bit vsts (mame.64).
After I can run my session without any modifications in Cubase element 6 used for my tests of jBridge. Of course the manipulation is the same for all 64-bit daws, except Reaper which has a really good internal 64-bit wrapper.
I recorded this track directly with an AUREON XFIRE HD USB audio card (48k to 44.1k).

For my 2 last tracks I used the really good reverb Space 360 made by Cytosonic with SynthMaker for the KVR challenge of 2012.