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New Preset Expansion For Arturia Pigments 2 - Special Christmas Discount

"Lush Colors" For Arturia Pigments 2

Pigments 2 has a lot of new features over the original release.
Now you can use samples, there is a new granular mode, new sequencer features, new delays and filters.
"Lush Colors" For Arturia Pigments 2 is a focus on all these new features.

106 exciting and very deeply programmed sounds for Pigments 2 goes to territory not found in the factory presets.
We have worked with Arturia Synths (including pigments) more then any other sound designer and "Lush Colors" is a powerful expansion for this very cool synth.

The included categories:


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Developers, Products, Tags: Vintage Synth Pads, Amber Oscillations for Omnisphere 2, Ambient TAL-U-NO-LX, Analog Heaven for Synapse Audio The Legend, Analog Is Best for TAL-BassLine-101, Analog Sound Box for Roland JD-Xi, Arrakis for Dune 2, Atmospheric Hues for Arturia Pigments, Bass Expansion for MODO Bass, Bird of Flight for UVI Falcon, Blue Box - Omnisphere Presets, Blue Diamond for Omnisphere 2, Blue Moon for Roland JUNO-106 PLUG-OUT, Classic Pads for Roland Juno 106, Cold Fusion (for PolySix), Dark Star for U-he Repro-1/5, Elaborate Machine for Omnisphere 2.5, Electric Ghosts for NI Razor, Electronic Symphonic for Spire, Eloquent Circuits for U-he Repro-5, Fibonacci for Omnisphere 2, Gold Edition for TAL-U-NO-LX, Honeycomb for U-he Hive 2, Juno Dreams - Presets for TAL-U-NO-LX, Legendary for Synapse Audio Legend, Liquid Sound for Omnisphere 2.5, Liquid Sounds for U-he Hive, Looking Glass for Zebra 2, Loquacious Symmetry for OMNISPHERE 2, Lush Life (for Lush101), Lyrical Electric for Omnisphere 2, Moog Memores (for Monark), Origami for Omnisphere 2, Ovation (for Omnisphere), Piano Variations for Arturia Piano V, Prime Sonic Space - Impulse Responses, Prime Sonic Space Impulse Responses Vol.2, Rhythmical for Omnisphere 2.6, Solstice for Sunrizer, Sonic Boost (for Venom), Sonic Poetry for Oddity 2, Sonic Sphere (for Razor/Reaktor), Special Selection for Arturia Prophet V, Symmetrical for Dune 2, The Ambient Zebra (for Zebra 2), The Classic for Arturia Matrix 12, The Dark Beautiful for Omnisphere, The Flow for Omnisphere 2, The Juno 60 Revisited for TAL-U-NO-LX, The Modern Unlimited Subscription for Korg M1, The Muse (for Massive), Turquoise for Waves Flow Motion, Vibrant Colors (for Massive), Vintage Hardware (for Oxium), Vintage Legend for Arturia CS80, Vintage Modern for Avenger, Vintage World for Diva, Vivid Signals (for Retrologue), Warmer Days for Sylenth1, Wired for U-he Repro-1/5, X-11 (for Venom), X-Squared For Massive X, Zebras Dream in Color Vol.2 (for Zebra 2), Pigments 2, Presets for Pigments
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by NUGEN Audio
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