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Reviewed By TheOutlawDad [all]
May 18th, 2021
Version reviewed: 6.6 on Windows

Ardour is a great DAW. You can do the one time buy at there site and you get the newest version, Then you can get all the updates for your version till it goes to another full number. If you buy 6.6 you get updates till version 7. They will except any amount even 1 dollar. Download link comes in email and keep your Ardour Invoice Id number. its at the bottom of the email. It is used to get your updates. It does have a learning curve but Youtube has start to finish videos on it. You can't go wrong. You can own a full DAW for 1 dollar with no restrictions. Hope you enjoy Ardour. PS. The Source code version is free no Limitations but you will have to build the software yourself.. It is so much better to just spend 1 dollar and have the complete version with updates built for you. This is what I did when V 6 came out. But I paid more then 1 dollar. I also own version 5.

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