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Ardour updated to v5.11


Ardour has been updated to v5.11. This is primarily a bug-fix release, though it also includes VCA automation graphical editing, a new template management dialog and various other useful new features.

New Features:

  • VCA automation can now be graphically edited.
  • VCAs can now be selected (e.g. from control surfaces).
  • Allow VCA renaming in the editor window.
  • Bindable buttons for VCA solo and mute.
  • Add select-all-tracks shortcut in the mixer window.
  • Template management dialog (both session and track templates).
  • Allow control surfaces to hide/show plugin GUIs.
  • Realtime export now allows listening to channels being exported.
  • Non-layered MIDI recording now works (MIDI regions will be trimmed at the end of recording to avoid overlaps).
  • Add an LTC generator to the Dummy backend.
  • Update colors for the "Caineville" theme.
  • Expose Off/Play states for MIDI CC "automation".
  • Allow touch automation to be done via Ardour's own knobs (e.g. trim control).

Read the full release notes here.



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