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Audio Modeling
via XXV Aprile, 14 - 20845 - Sovico (MB) - Italy

Audio Modeling is a music and audio software company founded by Stefano Lucato and Emanuele Parravicini in 2017, after more than seven years of incessant and fruitful work together on multi-vector expressive acoustic instruments emulation.

The Mission of Audio Modeling is to produce and offer to the market top-quality virtual instruments, effects and any kind of music and audio tools which can help composers, musicians and producers in their job.

SWAM – Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling – is a technology conceived by Stefano Lucato and developed by Stefano Lucato and Emanuele Parravicini.

The proprietary SWAM technology, using advanced processing techniques, allows you to morph the sound and interpolate it continuously between different "vectors", such as time, dynamics, pitch, formants, sub-harmonics, overtones, and so on, thus giving the user the opportunity to play under its control the broadest possible range of articulations never reached before, and above all in real-time.

SWAM is property of Audio Modeling.

Products by Audio Modeling

Latest reviews of Audio Modeling products

SWAM Violin
Reviewed By 709rich
August 1st, 2023

Delivery was instant, which has not been my experience with other vendors when buying SWAM, so great job KvR. SWAM instruments are just so playable and intuitive, it really sets them apart. I'm a big fan of physical modeling done right, and that's exactly what SWAM is. The player nuances are so much more natural than samples, so while they might not quite reach the sonic beauty of the best samples, played by the best players, their organic nature makes up for any slight deficiency. They are versatile to play a multitude of different types of spaces, different styles of playing. Not a fan of the electric patches (I hate electric violins in general), but the other three models sound great, and make it easy to put together a varied section that plays as an ensemble.

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SWAM All In Bundle
Reviewed By tom plese
January 17th, 2023

The absolute best solo instrument Vsts when it comes to both sound and playability. No sampled library can come close to the realism and expressivity.downside is a relatively steep learning curve when it comes to controlling your instrument in real time but the effort is more than worth it!
using traditional mod+pitchwheel is rather cumbersome but i found it really easy to play with an MPE controller or a combination of classical keyboard and a Touche.

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SWAM Trumpets
Reviewed By MarioD
June 13th, 2021

This is the most realistic and versatile trumpet on the market. Every trumpet sound from Miles, to Satchmo, to orchestra trumpets, to Dizzy, etc, they are all covered. I will never need to purchase another trumpet patch again. Plus this works perfectly with my EWI USB. It also works with a number of other wind MIDI controllers as well as keyboard MIDI controllers.

If one is looking for trumpet sounds this is a no brainer IMHO.

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