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Audio Modeling releases SWAM Solo Brass v1.5.0

Audio Modeling

Audio Modeling has announced a substantial update to their SWAM Solo Brass with new features and sound engine improvements on instrument behavior and timbre characteristics. Here's what they say:

SWAM Solo Brass Instruments are 100% physically modeled and we're on a mission to constantly improve them. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions we're able to make Solo Brass every day more realistic, playable and inspiring.

What's new?:

  • NKS presets and samples.
  • Virtual MIDI input port for Standalone App (macOS).
  • "Breath Ctrl Hi-Res Threshold".
  • Velocity to MIDI mapping entries.
  • "Reset All Controller" MIDI message is now supported.
  • Handy main menu popup.
  • New "resize" popup window.
  • New header for External Controller Mapping.
  • Improved MIDI Remapping Curve with real-time monitoring of current values.
  • macOS compatibility (from 10.9 - Mavericks), improved timbre and sound behaviour and refined tuning, especially on the lower-range instruments.


  • CPU performance.
  • Preset management.
  • Display messages: Half Valve.
  • Breath Controller Mode: lower threshold for note-on.
  • MPE profile compatibility.
  • UX and graphic components.
  • And finally we reduced required disk space.


  • Pitch detuned when using Growl with Expression = 0.
  • MPE MIDI profile: pitch-bend not working after a retriggered note.
  • Active Output Channels cannot be selected for Standalone App.
  • Microtuning: erratic values.
  • Vibrato Fade-In values are not in milliseconds.
  • Velocity of retriggered notes and notes generated by Breath Controller Mode is not displayed correctly.
  • Hi-Resolution CC not working as expected.
  • Expression does not "unlock" the instrument when Expression is mapped to NRPN.
  • Any change to each parameter is registered by undo manager.
  • MIDI remapping curve knobs and presets in portrait mode not displayed correctly.
  • Small graphical issues, especially in portrait mode.
  • Selection of previous/next preset with the same preset name stuck on the first found.
  • Import of presets with the same name not working as expected.




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