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Feb 24
Jam along with a ready-made play-along country track. Here's some country drum loops at 105 BPM. All brushes for a… https://t.co/NGa601ItOT
Feb 15
Did you know many individual Beta Monkey drum loops libraries form massive “super” libraries? #drumloopshttps://t.co/9Cr3RQrEPR

Why are Beta Monkey drum loops in the studios of nearly 60,000 musicians in over 50 countries worldwide?

Beta Monkey Music began with a simple philosophy: to offers musicians a inspirational alternative to high-priced, one-dimensional sample libraries and to produce genre content not offered by the drum sample industry. Beta Monkey has developed over 40 drum sample libraries for multiple styles of music including rock, alt rock, metal, blues, country, blues, fusion, odd time, and jazz, and world music.

Best known for several critically-praised drum loop series, including the Drum Werks, Double Bass Mania, Jazz Essentials, Odd Time Meltdown, Rock Hard Funk, and Pure Country series of drum loops and drum samples, Beta Monkey songwriting tools are designed for ease of use by songwriters and have been used worldwide since 2002.

Beta Monkey Music has been reviewed with acclaim by music magazines worldwide, including Electronic Musician, ReMix, Music Tech, Music Connection, Sound on Sound, and Recording Magazines.

Beta Monkey is your source for 100% acoustic drums loops and samples for all genres whether you are working in Ableton Live, ACID, Cubase, GarageBand, Logic, Sonar or ProTools environment. Pure acoustic drum grooves you can actually use for songwriting. The best prices around.

Get Beta Monkey and get the drum loops and the drum tracks you and your music deserve.

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12 Feb 2015Beta Monkey Music Releases Double Bass Mania VIII: Metal Drum Loops 26 Nov 2014Beta Monkey Music releases "Drum Werks XXX: Freeway of Punk" drum loops collection 13 May 2013Beta Monkey Music releases "Double Bass Mania I Reloaded: Pure Metal Drum Loops" 11 Apr 2012Beta Monkey releases Drum Werks XXI Reggae Drums - Reggae Drum Loops 26 Mar 2010Beta Monkey releases Two New Rock Drum Sample Libraries [ACID|AL] 8 Oct 2009Beta Monkey Music releases Double Bass Mania IV: Groove Metal [WAV|AL] 28 Jul 2009Beta Monkey releases Double Bass Mania III Extreme Metal Drum Loop Collection [WAV|AIFF] 14 Apr 2009Beta Monkey Music releases Pure Country V: Nashville Shuffles [WAV|AL] 17 Feb 2009Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks XIV: The Brazilian Kitchen [ACID|AL] 15 Oct 2008Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks XIII: Funk, Funk-Rock, R&B, and Soul Collection [ACID|AL] 14 Jul 2008Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks XI in REX2 format 3 Jun 2008Beta Monkey Music releases Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville [ACID|AL] 10 Mar 2008Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks XII - Blues Drum Loop Library [ACID|AL] 19 Oct 2007Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks IX: Power Rock Grooves Drum Loop Collection [ACID|AL|REX] 28 Jun 2007Beta Monkey Music releases Pure Country III: Nashville Brushes [WAV|AL] 2 Apr 2007Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks VIII in REX2 Format 18 Sep 2006Beta Monkey Music releases Double Bass Mania II [ACID|REX|AIFF] 24 Jul 2006Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks X: Punk Drums 21 Jun 2006Beta Monkey Music releases Pure Country II (WAV|AL|REX) 4 Apr 2006Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks Volume VII

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Classic Backbeats I | Vintage and retro drum beats of rock, surf, pop, bluesClassic Backbeats II: Live studio drums for rock and roll, MoTown, 60s rock, songwritersDouble Bass Mania I Reloaded | Pure Metal Drum LoopsDouble Bass Mania II | Extreme MetalDouble Bass Mania III | Speed MetalDouble Bass Mania IV | Groove Metal Drum Loops and SamplesDouble Bass Mania V | Doom Metal Drum Loops and SamplesDouble Bass Mania VI | Triplets of Doom MetalDouble Bass Mania VII: PURE MODERN METALDouble Bass Mania VIII: Metal Drum Loops and SamplesDrum Werks III | Blues Drum Loops, 12/8, Shuffles, SwingDrum Werks VI | Studio Rock, Pop Rock Drum Loops, SamplesDrum Werks XII: Classic blues, shuffles and blues rockDrum Werks XXV | Up-Tempo 6/8 Drum LoopsDrum Werks XXVI | Rock Ballad Drum LoopsDrum Werks XXVII | Groove Rock Drum LoopsDrum Werks XXVIII | High-Octane Rock Drum LoopsDrum Werks XXX | Punk Drum LoopsJazz Essentials I Jazz Drum LoopsJazz Essentials II: Complete Jazz Drum TracksJazz Essentials III | Jazz Drum TracksJazz Essentials IV | Multi-track Jazz Drum Tracks for Jazz StandardsNatural Grooves | Pure Grooves for Rock, Acoustic Rock, Blues and Bluesy-RockOdd Time Meltdown IOdd Time Meltdown II | Odd Time Drum Loops and Samples for Rock, Fusion, and MoreOdd Time Meltdown III | Fusion, Progressive Rock Drum Loops and SamplesOdd Time Meltdown IV | Drum Loops for Fusion, Progressive, RockPure Country I | Country Drum Loops, Rock Country Drum Loops, SamplesPure Country II | Alt Country Drum LoopsPure Country III | Nashville Brushes Country Drum LoopsPURE COUNTRY IV: NASHVILLE BRUSHES | 3/4 and 6/8 Brush Drum LoopsPure Country V | Brush drum loops for country, folk, rockabilly, acoustic songwritersRap & Hip Hop I & II | Hard Beats for Rap and Hip HopRock Hard Funk II | Funk, Funk Rock, RnB Drum LoopsRock Hard Funk III | Modern Hybrid Funk Drum LoopsRock Hard Funk | Drum Loops for Rock, Funk, Funk RockStudio Percussion Toolbox | Percussion loops


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