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BlueLab | Audio Plugins

BlueLab is a one person company founded in 2017 by a software engineer specialized in sound and multimedia, also holding a sound engineering degree. Based in France, the company is aimed to provide audio plugins at reasonable price, while adding innovative features when possible.

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Reviewed By madferret9
September 11th, 2020

Great plugin, exactly what I needed for OpenMPT tracker which does not have this feature built in. Plugin is 64-bit too. Thank you BlueLab :).

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Reviewed By juliandoe
December 11th, 2019

I've found this plugin very useful. It does not color the sound and you can place the left and the right channel, independently one from the other, everywhere in the panorama stereo.

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Reviewed By juliandoe
December 9th, 2019

The major flaw of this plugin is the absence of an output/level control. Basically it increases the volume and adds saturation so to have the max of saturation you also have a louder signal. The best way to use this plugin is as a gain knob. if you want to add gain and also saturation is perfect. if you want only the saturation it's not your plugin. The quality of the plugin is good, the saturation is nice.

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Reviewed By juliandoe
December 8th, 2019

It's a nice looking and good sounding plugin. It's transparent so you'll have only a gain boost. The problem that I have with this specific plugin is that I use Logic Pro and I already have a stock gain plugin of 24 db so this one is a duplicate. I was expecting something more precise in terms of step to reach the 24db but it's basically a copycat of Logic's gain plugin.

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