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Xhun Audio is a Company focusing on the development of professional audio software and musical instruments, reserving special attention to accuracy, care for details, while keeping an accessible, fair price.

The underlying philosophy behind Xhun Audio products is to create professional tools for the music industry (instruments, effects, etc...) adopting a physical modeling approach to simulate and preserve the natural behaviour, expressivity and nuances of the original physical counterparts - everything in the pristine digital / virtual realm, upon wich modern audio, music and multimedia studios are built.

This revolutionary approach brings many advantages and allows composers, musicians and performers to intuitively interact with virtual instruments and effects giving prominence to an alive sound and feel, as nature teaches.

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Reviewed By Rah [all]
September 21st, 2013
Version reviewed: 2.6 on Windows

Little One seems rather overlooked, which seems a bit of a shame to me, considering how good it is.

I don't possess a modern Moog for direct comparison, but to my ears this VSTI synth sounds gorgeous; thick, rich and 'analog' sounding.

Here's a great video that demonstrates the sound very well;


It's not expensive, and there's a plethora of presets bundled with it. And unlike the physical synth it's modelled on, LO does polyphonic as well as monophonic. I like it particularly for rich pads.

There's also a 'rack' section on a second page, which features a gate (for making choppy, trance sounds), a step sequencer, and two effect slots, into which you can rack some useful standard effect units; reverbs, chorus, delays, distortions, etc.

Synth Edit made plugins have garnered a bad rep in years gone by. Don't let the SE label put you off. This is a very high quality synth.

For a (modern) Moog-y synth on a small budget, I don't think you can do better.

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