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Chicken Systems
320-235-9798 / cheryl@samplerzone.com
www.chickensys.com / 320-235-9798 / support@chickensys.com
4024 Williford Way, Spring Hill, TN 37174-6221

Over 33 years ago, we wanted to start a sample company that would come down and meet the needs of the public. Being consumers ourselves, we were disappointed with the quality of products we got, frustrated with the high prices, and amazed with the lack of service. If we had technical problems, or just questions about our equipment, it would take several calls just to get a reply.

So... we did something about it. We started Rubber Chicken Software Co. in 1988 and started making samples and supporting Ensoniq products - and we still do 33 years later. In the mid 1990's, we started creating innovative computer software, and in 1998 we released Translator, the pioneer in instrument conversion technology. We also changed our name to Chicken Systems.

We are dedicated to serving you, the professional sampler owner, with all aspects of your musical operation - whether it be film composing, session work, professional gigging, or a simple or modest home studio. Interested in using your computer in your musical setup? Need a sample? - we'll provide it or tell you where to find it. Want to do something on your sampler but don't know how? - we'll tell you how. Need products fast? - we'll process your order and ship it the fastest way possible upon request. Sure, we're in the business of selling something to you, but if you're not satisfied, it defeats the whole purpose of our operation.

We have the qualifications, experience, and knowledge to help you out with any sort of sampler problem.

Our partnership with SamplerZone.com enables web site can process your order quickly and efficiently. No more waiting for that important purchase. For your convenience, SamplerZone.com accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, as well as other methods of payment.

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