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discoDSP updates FX Bundle to v2.1 (including new ThrillMe 3 compressor)


discoDSP has updated the FX Bundle to version 2.1, now including the ThrillMe 3 Compressor for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

ThrillMe 3 Compressor Features:

  • Four-Band Compression: Control thresholds, attack, release, and ratios across four bands.
  • Adaptive Crossover Filtering: Ensures clear separation without phase issues.
  • Individual Band Soloing: Isolate and refine each band.
  • Real-Time Metering: Monitor gain reduction for each band.
  • Warm Analog Saturation: Adds depth and warmth across four bands and output.
  • Customisable Parameters: Intuitive interface for easy configuration.

ThrillMe 2 Compressor, Scope Visualizer, and Schroeder Reverb are now exclusively part of the FX Bundle. All existing ThrillMe 2, Scope, and Schroeder users have been upgraded to the FX Bundle for free. The FX Bundle is available for $99.



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