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Studio Piper
Reviewed By Cintaron57
December 7th, 2015

I do not have enough good to say about Studio Piper ePipes. I made a kvr account solely so that I could write a good review for them.

I am a novice when it comes to music software. I recently purchased MAGIX Music Maker. It had all the instruments I wanted but Pipes (particularly the Highland and Uilleann Pipes). I wanted them as a VST Plug-In for MAGIX. After carefully researching the best VST Pipes out there, I came to the conclusion that the best one was Studio Piper. I had strong reservations however, even after all my research, about buying it:

1st, I'm a novice and I wasn't sure I could install it if I got it (many sources said there a lengthy registration process involved).

2nd, I wasn't sure I had the right equipment for it (was my computer compatible? Did I need to buy a MIDI keyboard? Etc...). Everywhere told me I needed the Technopipes or other instruments similar to plug in to my computer. And those apparently cost a couple hundred each.

3rd, I am a college student and didn't want to waste money if it didn't work. It's about $100 for this software and their is no trial version to test it out.

But, I felt good about the whole thing so I bought it. It was a simple process. I received an e-mail and downloaded the product. It didn't work for me at first because I had purchased the wrong version and because I'm such a novice. I purchased the 'MIDI Bagpipe Version' (I didn't really know what that meant!), I should have purchased the 'General MIDI Instrument Version.' The former is for if you have electronic pipes like Technopipes (which I didn't have).

So, I e-mailed the company (the e-mail is easily accessible on their website). I received a response that day I believe. I was provided the files necessary for my situation (without the any Electronic Pipes) and given simple instructions on how to install it and offered further help if I could not figure it out. I messed it up again, being the novice that I am. I e-mailed for help, and they responded multiple times and eventually used 'TeamViewer' to install it for me. I had a very busy schedule. But they adjusted to my time to help me when I was availbable.

The installation process was really short and simple (It should have taken just a 5 minutes or so)! I just didn't know how at the time. But I was so impressed by the timely, respectful, and professional customer service. I really have never had such excellent customer service.

The concerns that I named above have become obsolete and invalid, every single one. The product is, I believe, the best out there costs a lot less, by a long shot, than I think it should. The customer service has been the best I have ever had. And I feel the whole shop and business has been constructed and run by good men who are really just trying to honestly sell an amazing product.

I hope this helps some of you out there.

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Studio Piper
Reviewed By scott.cawthon
November 4th, 2013

This is the best Great Highland Bagpipe sound available today. It is absolutely superb.

I would occasionally peruse audio RTAS libraries on what was available for a realistic Great Highland Bagpipe throughout the years. When at the recording studio I'd review what the studio had in their extensive library. The recording studio had most of the big name RTAS libraries and the pipes in them would be good enough for background pipes, the further back in the mix the more realistic, but nothing until Studio Piper actually captured the sound to my liking where it sounded like my pipes being played live in concert and was adequate enough to be in the front of the mix. Studio Piper allows me to work at my pace and refine my arrangements so I can allocate more funds to hiring of other musicians.

I recommend any serious bagpiper who wishes to perform or record with a MIDI instrument purchase this product. You won't be disappointed.

Scott Cawthon.

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