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FrozenPlain is a developer of unique virtual instruments and other sound assets. Our products mostly use the Kontakt engine; you will find sample libraries and Kontakt addons here.

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Music Box Suite Free
Reviewed By TRoyWD
September 17, 2020

Great sounding easy to use product. Glad theyre making more VST's. Since they're Kontakt instruments are really good.But, not a fan of Kontakt doesn't fit into my hobby sound making hobby life.

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Reviewed By zisser
June 28, 2020

Really love the simplicity and workflow.
I'm not a piano player and having such a tool is helpful.

There are 4 slots that can be switched with the C1-F1 keys on the keyboard which allows you to go between different chord shapes and scales.

Here is a quick review I made in my channel:


You are welcome to visit my channel for more reviews and in-depth tutorials:


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