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FIR Convolution Reverb
Reviewed By Faydit
May 6th, 2022

I do not see - or hear - any cutting edge development, sorry.

First I do not see any sense in a convolution reverb with some fixed IR's, which cannot be replaced by other individual ones from within the plugin, second I do not see any modifying options, not even a simple hp and lp filter, much less other controls apart for the mix knob, third after some seconds always audio processing stops, especially if selecting another IR and cannot be activated again or the pugin not only crashes my DAW but also my soundcard, so that I have to restart my whole system. (My Intel i7 hexcore from 2021 should not be the problem, I think.).

Tried it several times, always the same result. Fourth, the built in IR's don't even sound very good in my opinion.

There are a lot of much more flexible and also much more reliable working convolution reverb plugins available, which do what they promise.

Maybe you better change your marketing proposal to "the fastest crashing convolution reverb". Just an idea which at least comes closer to reality in my opinion.

Even for a 0.95 pre-relase disappointing. 0,95 for me means, that all basic functions work flawlessly, but maybe some minor bugs still occur. So this for me rather is a 0.1 "sketch", certainly not ready for release.

I also do not mind very much, if a plugin is CPU or GPU based. If it does not work as it should, it simply is a fail.

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