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GPU Audio 'Make Your Sound 3D' Immersive Mix competition Winners Announced

GPU Audio

In mid-November we launched the GPU Audio 'Make Your Sound 3D' Immersive Mix competition, offering over $7k in prizes for the creators of the best mix using Vienna Power House or MIR Pro 3D. The challenge was to remix or re-imagine an original track, by RATTLESNAKE featuring MAIRI entitled 'Breathe', with winners awarded prizes in the following categories: Most Creative, Most Professional, Most Experimental, Most Potential, and Most Cinematic.

The $7K+ prize pool contains prizes from GPU Audio, Vienna Symphonic Library, and DearReality - with each of the winners being awarded copies of Vienna Power House, Vienna Suite Pro, MIR Pro 3D, DearReality EXOVERB, DearReality dearVR MONITOR and one VSL Room Pack! And with the voting over, let's take a look at the winners - click each title to hear the track.

´╗┐Most Creative Award - NonProfet

The standout track was the 'NonProfet Remix' from Sound Artifact; an astonishing tour de force in IDM drum production, supreme bass contortion, and majorly glitched-out soundscapes. He said: "I decided to explore drum production and clinical mixing; this revealed a very intricate arrangement" he adds "After going in a different direction it has pushed my production to new heights!" We're so glad it did.


Most Potential Award - Ioka

Fans of New Order will rejoice listening to this entry we judged to have the most future potential. There is something very unique about this track, with minimal elements, but each one comes with some serious weight and energy. Clearly, the producer had some fun in the immersive mix: "Regarding my 3D audio approach: the remix is made completely in 7th Order Ambisonics, which makes it possible to play it on other loudspeaker setups as well". We look forward to blasting it out soon.


Most Cinematic Award - Serge Longoulet

Someone had to come at this from the cinematic angle, and we're so glad Serge Longoulet did that. What begins is a deep and expansive soundscape, with a host of organic and unnatural sounds, carefully spliced together. He explains: "From an artistic point of view, I wanted to put field recording into practice and test ambisonics. Not being a fan of big cities the song took a darker turn - I think it has its place in a futuristic dystopian film". We certainly agree, superb stuff.


Most Professional Award - Trizio

Our next winner got the award for his clean, clear, and crisp production - awash with a polished and professional sound. He explains the production process "Experimenting with Vienna's MIR 3D, I've added a reverberant touch to the keyboard, infusing the beats with a rich, atmospheric quality." Similarly, the drum beats were " carefully imbued with high-quality ambiance, creating a dynamic and immersive sonic landscape." We agree, and we'd love to hear this on the beaches of Ibiza.


Most Experimental Award - Nate

This one has the biggest wow factor of the bunch, going from serene orchestral landscape to body-popping electro within the push of a button! In a pretty out-there remix, Nate has expertly managed to "Use MIR Pro 3D to fill the ambient and percussion, and also vocals and percussion in the stem pack. It's certainly one of the most sassy and attitude-laden entries, and we love it - listen out for the full-tilt switch-up at the end.


Congratulations to the winners and everyone who entered for making the competition an explorative and experimental IMMERSIVE success. We sincerely hope you enjoyed making your immersive mixes, whether you're a surround sound veteran or new to the format. Thanks also to our sponsors, without whom this wouldn't have been possible. VSL and DearReality provided some amazing prizes, which we hope will be used for even more immersive adventures.

If you want to try Vienna Power House for yourself, grab the FREE 30-day demo from the VSL Website today.

Find out all you need to know by heading to the Store Page.



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